Life of a Dying Man

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I’m hoping that my title will be dramatic enough that lots of people want to read this ūüôā but in reality, this is an update on my health.

I went to the doctor again today. I’ve been on an antibiotic that has been helping a little bit — at least symptomatically. The bacteria is still present and strong, but it is working on the defensive.

The doctor told me that since I’ve been sitting on the meds, I’ve gained 5 pounds! This still has me underweight, but it is the most telling sign that my body is absorbing food better. Also, the bleeding within my digestive system has decreased significantly!

However, all news isn’t good. I’ve shown signs of a severely weakened immune system since my body has been working so hard to fix these other issues. There is also further evidence to suggest that there may be more going on in my digestive system than just this bacteria — something that would make it significantly harder for me to fight the bacteria if it’s underlying. So, as many people have suggested, the doctor referred me to the¬†gastroenterologist to run a few additional tests and give a more expert treatment.

I’ve been doing my best to follow a diet that limits what kinds of bacteria and sugars go into my digestive system. Essentially, it means I’m eating WAY healthier than I used to. Who would have thought it would be so tough to eat healthy… apparently fast food isn’t as healthy as everyone thinks! My ability to cook has dramatically increased in the past few weeks. I’ve used the stove more in the past month than I did all throughout college!


Doomsday Update! Gott’s Formulation

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Ok guys, this is big! If you are into statistics, this may make a little bit of sense to you. Back in the 1980s a guy named Gott game up with a theory called the doomsday argument.

Basically, it says that there is a maximum human population of time. Over the course of humanity, 1.2 trillion people will be born. Currently, we are around 60 billion. Accounting for an eventual stabilized maximum world population and lifespan, Gott created a probabilistic curve based on this and a formula he developed. His results show that there is a 95% chance of human extinction within the next 9120 years. There is a 5% chance that there will still be some humans left after that time.

Here’s a cool¬†Wikipedia¬†page about it that can explain his math as well as other’s opinions and rebuttles!

What do you think?

How I Know The End is Near – 1

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I know the end is near…

…because more people know P. Sherman’s address than know Barack Obama’s address.

Doomsday Update! 5 Minutes to Midnight!

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I know I’m a little late, I explained that in my last post…. but the infamous doomsday clock has already been moved forward this year.

The doomsday clock was developed in 1947 to basically tell the world how close mankind is to an apocalyptic catastrophe. It has ranged everywhere from 17 minutes to midnight in 1991 at the end of the Cold War. The closest it has been was at 3 minutes to midnight in 1984.

Last year, because of diplomatic talks and some hope for an end to the war on terrorism, the doomsday clock moved back a minute. This year, already, ¬†it has been moved forward. Cause for the move? Iran’s nuclear power is increasing, the nuclear plant in Japan, and climate issue policies are beginning to loosen.

I know, I know… the doomsday clock is even more abstract and subjective than the the long-count calendar, but it certainly does promote knowledge on major world events. It’s a great way to bring attention to issues that affect everyone, not just a small populace.