I’ve been super distracted… sorry.

I want to take a moment to introduce me new puppy, Katie. Katie is a purebred, black and white Siberian Husky. She was born 03/06/2012.

Everyone who has known me for a long time knows that I am a total dog person. It’s killed me to not have a dog for the past several years, so when my roommate, Lance, told me it was ok to get a dog, I got one!

I got Katie 2 week ago, so I’m just starting to get the hang of raising a puppy. Today we are starting obedience school, so hopefully she won’t get us kicked out! From everything I’ve read, sibes are so intelligent that if they don’t get challenged, they get bored. If they get bored, they get destructive and they howl. The simplest solution is to train them — there’s always another trick she can learn!

She has WAY more energy than me. I’ve gotten a little bit of help from the neighborhood kids to fix this. I will take Katie out to play, and when I get tired, I tag team with Cameron (he lives in my building) and his friends from around the neighborhood… they can outlast her energy; somehow.

I’ve found myself constantly Googling information about the breed and about puppies in general now. I know the AKC standards for Sibes and their known history. I’ve read that I’m supposed to give her some fish oil and a whole raw egg several times a day to give her a good coat.

List of things Katie is currently improving on:

  1. Potty Training — she had her 3rd accident ever in her cage last night. No idea what caused it, cause she’s gone that long without an accident every night since I got her.
  2. Biting — she’s teething, so of course she wants to bite. But, she’s starting to learn that it hurts and is annoying, so her biting is decreasing. Can’t wait for her to get totally past this stage!
  3. Shake and Rollover — I know, I know… there’s no point to these tricks, but every dog knows them. She’s pretty slow at picking them up, cause unlike sit and lay down, I don’t functionally use them constantly throughout the day.
  4. Crate training — she has gotten SOOOOO much better at this. The first few days, she spent the whole night howling. Now she doesn’t howl, but she does start whining as soon as she sees me again. She hasn’t quite picked up on “pack┬ápermanence” yet; that just because I’m gone doesn’t mean I am never coming back.

I can’t wait to show her off to anyone that likes dogs. If I haven’t shown her off to you yet, let me know! I love to brag about her. By the way, here’s a picture of the two of us when I got her:

And here is a picture of Katie taken a few minutes ago (notice how much bigger she is already!!!)