It’s been a while since I’ve updated everyone on my life, or any blog for that matter, so I thought I’d give everyone an update of everything that’s been happening.


I’m getting healthier! I’ve had several doctors appointments since my last update that were able to say conclusively that I do not have GERDS, IBD, or Crone’s disease. I’m also not a “true” Celiac, but I do have some sensitivity to gluten. I’m now being weaned off the antibiotics for the C-Diff. I’ll be glad when I’m finally totally off of them. They are hard to swallow before dissolving, and the taste makes me want to throw up… also, I’ve been on them for nearly 6 months already!

Work and School

It’s been a pretty tough decision to make, but I realized that I no longer want to work in law enforcement. There is a lot of my job that I really like, but there are some parts that have just turned me off to the whole system. Instead, I’ve decided to go back to school. I’m either going to Iowa (already been accepted) or Iowa State (waiting to hear back) for Engineering. I’m really excited to make this change, but I’m pretty scared to start back up.

Home Life

I’m not really used to drama, but it’s kind of popped up. I love all my roommates, but there has been a bit of tension around the house the past few months. Basically, one person has had a lot of personal stuff get revealed that became a “public” issue. Our house is pretty split into 2 sides about how it was and is being handled by him and the church, and I feel like I’ve become very attached to one guy and almost completely disconnected to the other 2. It’s kind of a letdown. I want nothing more than healing for him and to reestablish strong relationships with all my roommates, but as more time passes, I find it less and less likely to happen.

Next Year

I’ve already said I’m going back to school. I’m moving in with 3 new guys into a different townhouse. I’m pretty excited about it, but the 4 of us have very different personalities, and strong opinions… so if nothing else, living with them will always be exciting. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to have a dog again next year 😦 I tried negotiating with the landlord, and they were impossible to negotiate with — no pets.

Still single. Still taking applications. 🙂 Just some end of post humor, but seriously…