Things I Like Thursday!! August 25th Edition

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Tonight I am doing something that I pretty rarely do… go to a concert. Pretty much everyone who knows me well knows that over the last year I’ve become affiliated with the Salt Company. Tonight will be the second time I have gone to Ames to see the original Salt Company; the group that commissioned my church. Well, after Salt in Ames they are having a concert. It’s starting with their band, Anthem, opening for this week’s winner of things I like:

Phil Whickham

I’ve got to be honest with you, I actually do not own any of Phil’s music… BUT I know quite a few of his songs. My roommate James is a big fan of Phil’s and loves to play his songs for Iowa City’s Salt Company. What I really like about Phil Whickham music is his ability to write a song that you can listen to and feel the passion that Phil must have felt when he was writing it. Not only that, but pretty much every song Phil sings can be sung corporately and still feel like it’s a personal love song; like every other voice is backing you as you sing to God.

There is one song of Phil’s that I have to say, I think sounds better not sung his way. Another one of my roommates, Spaid, wrote a punk rock version of Phil’s song ‘True Love.’ I’m pretty sure that in Iowa City I am the only person besides Spaid who prefers his version — but it’s fantastic. I wish it were recorded so I could share it with my readers, but it’s not :-/ sorry.

I’m not saying I don’t like Phil’s version of the song… it’s good too. It is his most powerful song in my mind. When I think of worship songs I think of a story that reads like something like this:

“My life isn’t great, but Jesus takes care of me. He loves me, I love him. This world is bad, but one day Jesus is taking me home”

… That story isn’t bad; it’s not wrong or untrue, but it seems to ignore what really happened; it ignores how Jesus saved you and why. Know what I mean?

Phil’s song, True Love, is nothing like that story. He ignores his own life, he ignores the future coming of Christ, he ignores any focus about himself in this worship song. It’s different from conventional songs. Phil goes back and reflects on what happened to Jesus as a result of himself. The chorus goes like this:

The Earth was shaking in the dark. All creation felt the Father’s broken heart. Tears were filling Heaven’s eyes the day that True Love died. As blood and water hit the ground, walls we couldn’t move came crashing down. We were freed and made alive the day that True Love died.

I know that not everyone who reads my blog is well-versed in scripture, but every part of that chorus goes back to a verse in the Bible talking about the death of Jesus. Phil is reflecting back on that day and he remembers that he is responsible for everything that happens. He caused the Father’s broken heart — the Bible says that God turned his back on the scene. The whole event was so ridiculous that he turned his back and he tore down the cloak entering the Most Holy Place as he LEFT Jerusalem and there were earthquakes as it happened. Phil remembers that he is responsible for that. The agony of Heaven was a result of him. The blood and water that poured on the ground as a spear was thrust into Jesus’ body after he was dead was because of Phil. (I’m using Phil because it’s his song, but anyone’s name can replace his… and that’s what makes it such a beautiful worship song).

But the lyrics don’t end with the reflection of misery and brokenness. Phil finishes by remembering all that terrible stuff is what lead to his salvation. If True Love, Jesus, hadn’t been murdered, Phil’s sin-debt would not have been paid. He gives a very short, one-line reaction to this event. “lose your life, just so you can find it.” Why? “The father gave his only son just to save us”

I love that song. I can’t wait to hear Phil sing it tonight.


Things I Like Thursday!! August 18th Edition

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I think everyone knows that I have a long history with Mountain Dew… my drug of choice for the early part of my life. This week I’m writing about the one possible contender for new drug of choice. This Thursday, I like:


Sun Drop!!

I know, I know… it’s obscure; it’s independent; it’s vintage; “it has the speed of a cheetah combined with the power of an elephant” … it’s hipster.

I was first introduced to Sun Drop this summer, and it has quickly invaded my life. The first friend I had that drank Sun Drop started in early May or so and since then, everyone I know has switched to this form of pop. Sun drop tastes like a combination of Mountain Dew, Mellow Yellow, and Sprite. So, what makes Sun Drop different than Mountain Dew?

The biggest difference between the two is that Sun Drop has 8mg more caffeine per serving than Mountain Dew. Sun drop also has a little bit sweeter of a taste.

While I haven’t given up on Mountain Dew, lately I have been drinking Sun Drop more frequently. Like I said, Sun Drop is a little obscure, so you might have trouble finding it.. if your store sells it, it would be with the Doctor Pepper and Snapple products. You should definitely give it a try.

Things I like Thursday!! August 11th Edition

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Before I begin this blog, I have to make a confession…. I “maliciously” defamed Lydia, Kent’s fiancee, by writing a libelous statement about her last Things I like Thursday. I said that she didn’t know the difference between gnomes and trolls. This is completely untrue, and I am sorry, and she is super awesome. And because she’s so awesome she isn’t going to sue my for my tortious behavior. Thanks.

You would never believe it if you see what I’ve owned in the past, but I swear it’s true… This week, I like:


I want to show you my current “bed”

Yes, that is the exact bed that I sleep on. Scary, huh? It’s a steel futon frame with the original mattress; 5 years old. There’s a dent in the middle of the frame, so I always sleep at angle. my sheets don’t fit the bed and clearly, my blankets don’t match.

Previous to this bed, my last one that I used for 2 whole years was actually a mattress and boxspring that were twice as old me… in fact, they were my dad’s as a kid. I could feel half a dozen springs from the mattress regardless of where I lay down.

The others beds I have owned in any recent memory (as far back as I know for sure) have all either been hand-me-downs or belonged to a dormitory. Never anything real nice, never anything real new.

So, it makes no sense that I’d say that I like beds, right? Well, today I made my first real purchase since starting my new job… a bed! I’m super excited for it to arrive, but I have to wait for Saturday for it to arrive. It’s coming just in time. Like I said in my last post, I have to work 79 hours next week, so this bed is coming just in time. I can’t wait!

School’s Out…. Forever?

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Next week is going to be a really long week for me. It’s move in week at the University, and that means there are a lot of overtime hours at the police station. There are 618 man hours of overtime next week. I got assigned to 39 of those hours, which makes for a very long week.

It seems really weird to be working move-ins for school, but not be going to school itself. Just think, in two weeks school will start without me for the first time in 17 years! But, this summer I’ve been considering other options. Pretty much everyone knows that I want to work in law enforcement; so why go farther in education?

The simple reason is that it is nearly impossible to raise past the rank of lieutenant today without having a master’s degree. It’s not that I don’t like my job now; it’s pretty easy and a good way to keep in good favor with a police department and has given me great references for a transfer if I decide to continue on this route. But, public security isn’t were my ambitions lay. So here are the options I’ve been considering. Firstly, I’ve been considering going to Kaplan for a master’s in either criminology, homeland security, or fire and emergency service. I probably wouldn’t choose criminology, because the subject isn’t as exciting as it seems. It’s really just the study of a bunch of dead white guys — I took two courses in college, and really didn’t enjoy them very much. Both homeland security and emergency services sounds pretty cool though.

The other idea that I am toying with is going to law school. I’ve never been much of a person for competition in education, but there are way more job options for lawyers than there are for people with security backgrounds. I’ve been considering all sorts of careers lately, so I’m trying to remain open… and let’s face it, I kinda like law. The one thing though, is I’ll almost certainly have to take the LSAT in December in order to start next fall. I’m kind of nervous though, because my overall GPA wasn’t very good. I am glad that my final semester GPA was really good, but I don’t know that it will be enough to help me. I’m quite a bit below the average for accepted applicants. The average LSAT score for acceptance at Iowa is 161. Since the max score is 180, that doesn’t give me a whole lot of room to do “quite a bit” better than the average. However, everyone says that law schools don’t really care about undergraduate GPA because it’s so unreliable and non-standardized.

Anyone got any opinions?

Things I Like Thursday!! August 3rd Edition

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Given the title of my blog, it only makes sense that I quickly add the next entry to the list of things I like:

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Garden Gnomes!!

There is a long, and not so flattering story for how I got into garden gnomes, so I should really make up a cool
“pretend” story that doesn’t make me look like a bad person.

But, I do want to talk about my love for them a bit. Sophomore year, my roommate, Tim, gave me a garden gnome as our housewarming gift. That was my first gnome. Today I live with approximately 20 of the guys. I recently moved and wasn’t sure what I would do my gnomes — I lived with Tim the rest of college, so there was no issue of whether or not the gnomes could stay. A couple days after I moved in, when no one else was home, I pulled out my garden gnomes and placed some around the apartment. They’ve been out for a week now, and no one has stolen them, so I think everyone has accepted them.

I’ve got a really cool book about garden gnomes. Something to know about the guys is that you can NEVER trust a garden gnome. Gnomes are known to steal from you and there have long-since been stories told about an impending garden gnome apocalypse.  I don’t buy it, but I still wouldn’t let my guard down. Rule 1 when it comes to garden gnomes is to always know what they look like when you first get them. If at sometime you find them standing in a different position or holding something different or in a different position you need to know AT THAT MOMENT. The way to defeat garden gnomes is simple: Smash them.

The last thing I’d like to say is in regards to the lady friend of one of my roommates. The other day she came over and she commented on them. She called them trolls. She called them elves. Gnomes are completely different that trolls or elves. Gnomes live in gardens, wooded areas, and don’t do any real work. Trolls are ugly little creatures with rhinestones in their stomachs. Elves live in trees or igloos and make cookies, presents, and worship the moon. For good measure, Dwarves are also not garden gnomes. Dwarves are legendary blacksmiths and minors of short stature.