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About 2 weeks ago I realized something about myself. I like vigilantism. For a guy that spent nearly 20% of his life (nearly my entire work career), this is a crazy thought — a few months ago I probably would have said I don’t like vigilantes because they go against law enforcement. Then I got to thinking…

Who are my 2 favorite “super” heroes? Batman and V. Neither of them is overly extraordinary — neither can fly or control elements with ESP. Yeah, both heroes have superhuman powers, but both of their superhuman abilities were developed through a lot of pain and hard work. The police are given orders to arrest both super heroes, despite that both are doing the work that the government is failing to do.

Neither Batman, nor V are perfect — in fact, they are both horridly flawed. Batman is a bit of a “horn dog,” he’s arrogant, and frequently ignores wise counsel. V is filled with hate; anger; blood-lust. He kills and allows innocents to be killed in pursuit of methodically destroying people who have wronged him. He cares more about revenge than he does about Evey Hammond (just like how she pointed out to him that Edmond Dantes cared more about revenge than Mercedes).

However, when it comes down to it, the vigilante heroes repair broken societies. They sacrifice their life, happiness, and comfort to make society better. Gotham City and London are terrible places, but because of a single vigilante in both cities, there is hope. Because of them people aren’t afraid anymore. I like that.

As I’ve been writing, it occurred to me that they are kind of like Robin Hood (another vigilante that I have always admired). When the government fails to protect its people, it’s up to people to protect each other.

So that’s where #OpRollRedRoll comes in to play. I have loosely watched a hacktivist group called Anonymous (hacker activist) for a few years. Lately, I have been really paying attention to them. They are this loosley-organized group that looks to do vigilante justice where governments have failed worldwide. When they meet for a real protest, it is easy to pick Anonymous out from the rest of the protesters because they are they guys wearing Guy Fawkes masks and suits.

On the 23rd of this month, they announced they were going to war with Steubenville, OH. This town loves nothing more than their high school football team — apparently, not even their children. Earlier this year a 16 year old girl was invited to hang out with the football team at a party at one of the coaches’ house. She was given so much alcohol that she passed out. From there, multiple boys on the football team, who call themselves the “rape crew” took turns in a several hour long gang rape — all the while taking nude pictures and videotapes of her passed out.

There was a big push by the school, police, booster club, and local media to hide the fact. Police refused to investigate the crime for over a week, teachers were instructed (and as reports from students evidence) and carried out instructions to say that the girl was a slut and it was her fault. That she wanted what she got and the football players involved were victims to false allegations of rape. She, and her best friend, are still receiving harassment by numerous students and townsfolk because their priority is the star football team.

Eventually, 2 of the players were charged, but the numerous other boys of the rape crew who were present and videotaped, photgraphed, and did nothing to stop it were not charged with any crime. That night and the following day, they started tweeting and video messaging many other people in the school the evidence of their involvement.

Again, the town has done nothing to stop it. It isn’t the first allegation THIS YEAR of rape that was covered up by the local authorities. Another girl reported being raped by another boy from that school, but after some quick media spin and efforts to suppress, the town quickly forgot about it. Who was the boy accused? The son of one of the News station’s execs. I find it hard to believe that’s a coincidence.

Despite clear evidence of an exploited child by numerous people, alcohol at a party of a school official with students present, rape of a child, and a group of boys who openly refer to themselves as the rape crew, the federal authorities were never asked to become involved. The town has too much to lose (a high school football championship) to protect their own children.

#OpRollRedRoll was started on December 23rd when Anonymous and #KnightSec hacked the fan page of the football team (self-admittedly a private website, not affiliated with the school). They offered a Vendetta. They reviewed the photographs and videos taken at that party as the 16 year old girl was being raped, and they identified multiple boys who were involved and not charged or stood by while it happened and either filmed it or did nothing. In the message (delivered by a man wearing a Guy Fawkes mask) he announced that he had hacked the private information for each of those boy (name, address, phone number, email, twitter, facebook, social security) and would publicly release it on the internet if they did not record themselves admitting to their actions (or inactions as the case may be) and ask for forgiveness and post it to the internet by Midnight on January 1st. He also stated in the video that owner of the fan site rollredroll.com (Jim Parks) had numerous interesting things in his email including pornography of young girls (he didn’t say child pornography), pictures of the 16 year old victim, and email correspondence with some of the boys that suggested that he was paying at least some of them for pictures and videos of their “exploits”.

Of course, Jim Parks filed a criminal police report for hacking with the county sheriff — a longtime supporter of the football team and booster club. The sheriff, Fred Abdalla (who in 1996 was convicted of 6 counts of extortion and 1 count of obstruction of justice) immediately called the FBI to investigate the hacking.

Ignoring the fact that the FBI doesn’t investigate the hacking of private.com fansites, why does hacking a small fansite constitute an immediate federal authority action request, but the rape of a child doesn’t get investigated for over a week and the FBI isn’t requested ever, even after a student’s phone obtained by the police shows pornography of that child.

I’ve viewed the responses to Anonymous’ decision to get involved on Twitter — Every response from a towns-person has fit into one of three categories. 1) It’s about time someone is coming to save us from our corrupt town. 2) Don’t you dare attack our football team. 3) That girl is a slut.

I urge all my readers to support Anonymous on this cause. I find it scary that in a society as advanced as ours, people convicted of corruption charges can be elected to power and suppress crimes against the very people they swear an oath to protect. I know releasing things like social security numbers of minors is not good business, but why is it that the only people really taking a stand and demanding action and justice for the 16 year old girl are either hackers or Roseanne Barr (Yes, from TV).

In spirit or in person if you are near Steubenville, OH, join Anonymous at noon on the steps of Steubenville City Hall and demand justice. Rapists cannot go free to protect a football team and high school tradition.


Katie Bear Ford


I’ve been super distracted… sorry.

I want to take a moment to introduce me new puppy, Katie. Katie is a purebred, black and white Siberian Husky. She was born 03/06/2012.

Everyone who has known me for a long time knows that I am a total dog person. It’s killed me to not have a dog for the past several years, so when my roommate, Lance, told me it was ok to get a dog, I got one!

I got Katie 2 week ago, so I’m just starting to get the hang of raising a puppy. Today we are starting obedience school, so hopefully she won’t get us kicked out! From everything I’ve read, sibes are so intelligent that if they don’t get challenged, they get bored. If they get bored, they get destructive and they howl. The simplest solution is to train them — there’s always another trick she can learn!

She has WAY more energy than me. I’ve gotten a little bit of help from the neighborhood kids to fix this. I will take Katie out to play, and when I get tired, I tag team with Cameron (he lives in my building) and his friends from around the neighborhood… they can outlast her energy; somehow.

I’ve found myself constantly Googling information about the breed and about puppies in general now. I know the AKC standards for Sibes and their known history. I’ve read that I’m supposed to give her some fish oil and a whole raw egg several times a day to give her a good coat.

List of things Katie is currently improving on:

  1. Potty Training — she had her 3rd accident ever in her cage last night. No idea what caused it, cause she’s gone that long without an accident every night since I got her.
  2. Biting — she’s teething, so of course she wants to bite. But, she’s starting to learn that it hurts and is annoying, so her biting is decreasing. Can’t wait for her to get totally past this stage!
  3. Shake and Rollover — I know, I know… there’s no point to these tricks, but every dog knows them. She’s pretty slow at picking them up, cause unlike sit and lay down, I don’t functionally use them constantly throughout the day.
  4. Crate training — she has gotten SOOOOO much better at this. The first few days, she spent the whole night howling. Now she doesn’t howl, but she does start whining as soon as she sees me again. She hasn’t quite picked up on “pack permanence” yet; that just because I’m gone doesn’t mean I am never coming back.

I can’t wait to show her off to anyone that likes dogs. If I haven’t shown her off to you yet, let me know! I love to brag about her. By the way, here’s a picture of the two of us when I got her:

And here is a picture of Katie taken a few minutes ago (notice how much bigger she is already!!!)

Life Update — 04/18/2012

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It’s been a while since I’ve updated everyone on my life, or any blog for that matter, so I thought I’d give everyone an update of everything that’s been happening.


I’m getting healthier! I’ve had several doctors appointments since my last update that were able to say conclusively that I do not have GERDS, IBD, or Crone’s disease. I’m also not a “true” Celiac, but I do have some sensitivity to gluten. I’m now being weaned off the antibiotics for the C-Diff. I’ll be glad when I’m finally totally off of them. They are hard to swallow before dissolving, and the taste makes me want to throw up… also, I’ve been on them for nearly 6 months already!

Work and School

It’s been a pretty tough decision to make, but I realized that I no longer want to work in law enforcement. There is a lot of my job that I really like, but there are some parts that have just turned me off to the whole system. Instead, I’ve decided to go back to school. I’m either going to Iowa (already been accepted) or Iowa State (waiting to hear back) for Engineering. I’m really excited to make this change, but I’m pretty scared to start back up.

Home Life

I’m not really used to drama, but it’s kind of popped up. I love all my roommates, but there has been a bit of tension around the house the past few months. Basically, one person has had a lot of personal stuff get revealed that became a “public” issue. Our house is pretty split into 2 sides about how it was and is being handled by him and the church, and I feel like I’ve become very attached to one guy and almost completely disconnected to the other 2. It’s kind of a letdown. I want nothing more than healing for him and to reestablish strong relationships with all my roommates, but as more time passes, I find it less and less likely to happen.

Next Year

I’ve already said I’m going back to school. I’m moving in with 3 new guys into a different townhouse. I’m pretty excited about it, but the 4 of us have very different personalities, and strong opinions… so if nothing else, living with them will always be exciting. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to have a dog again next year 😦 I tried negotiating with the landlord, and they were impossible to negotiate with — no pets.

Still single. Still taking applications. 🙂 Just some end of post humor, but seriously…

Every Chapter: A Lesson About God — Prophesy

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This one is just crazy. If you’re Christian, this book holds incredible value as God’s finale. It goes out with a bang and we finally understand what mankind has been leading to! It leads to an eternity with God for those who endure through the trials described in the Prophesy Book. For those who aren’t Christian, the book holds incredible value as a fantastic, memorable, scary story. The Prophesy Book is the book of Revelation. It’s the Revelation of Jesus given to the Apostle John through a vision. It’s very interesting to think about what John must have been seeing — we are reading about events that still haven’t happened 2,000 years later through the eyes of a 1st century mind! He’s describing things that he has never even seen the things to give him a basic understanding of what he’s seeing… CRAZY, WICKED SWEET!


    1. Jesus is the Alpha and the Omega
    1. Never lose passion of God
    1. There’s still hope
    1. God is holy
    1. Jesus is the worthy lamb
    1. The Lord brings judgment
    1. God will save his people
    1. God will destroy the Earth
    1. God protects His people
    1. God is mysterious
    1. God remembers His covenant
    1. Satan is defeated
    1. Be faithful
    1. Jesus will harvest His people
    1. Endure patiently
    1. Repent and glorify God
    1. The lamb of God will win
    1. God fulfills prophesy
    1. I am the bride of Christ
    1. God will judge everything
    1. Jesus is the temple of God
    1. Jesus is coming soon

Every Chapter: A Lesson About God — Doctrine

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Doctrine is one of the most intimidating words in religious circles. What is it? Doctrine is the instructions for what to believe and what to not believe within Christianity. The author of most of the books on Doctrine was Paul. Paul knew the Law as a Pharisee, but he had to learn doctrine when he repented and put his faith in Jesus. Doctrine caused a lot of division in the early church; everything from eating meat to circumcision to whether or not Jesus already returned. Seems silly, but today we have the same issues just manifested differently. That’s why factions exist within even the same denominations (the different denominations being also being differences in doctrine!). Here’s what the books on Doctrine taught me about God:


    1. My sin stems from not loving God entirely
    1. Have mercy on others
    1. God is faithful, always
    1. God gave the law so I would see my need for him
    1. Jesus came to give me life
    1. Be a slave to Christ
    1. I am free from the law by dying with Christ
    1. Nothing can separate me from God’s love
    1. I can’t work for mercy
    1. Call on the name of the Lord
    1. I am on God’s tree
    1. Use my gifts to serve God
    1. Honor the authority God has put me under
    1. Serve Christ with an attitude of peace and joy
    1. Rejoice with one voice in Christ
    1. Greet my brothers with Christian love

1 Corinthians

    1. Jesus is wisdom itself
    1. The Holy Spirit makes me holy
    1. God will test me
    1. Love my brothers in Christ
    1. Judge myself before the church has to
    1. My body is the temple of the Holy Spirit
    1. God paid a high price for me
    1. God recognizes the one who loves him
    1. Jesus compels me to my task
    1. Let my life always imitate Christ
    1. I am under God’s authority
    1. God has given me a job
    1. Jesus is love
    1. Everything I do should strengthen the church
    1. Jesus is alive
    1. Do everything in love

2 Corinthians

    1. God Comforts me
    1. Love those who’ve sinned against me
    1. I am the image of Christ
    1. God will never abandon me
    1. Through Jesus, I am a new man
    1. I am the temple of the living God
    1. Work toward complete holiness
    1. Jesus gave up heaven for my sake
    1. God gives generously
    1. Boast in the Lord
    1. Be wary of false prophets
    1. Jesus’ grace is enough
    1. Examine myself and see if my faith is genuine


    1. Don’t be fooled by false gospels
    1. Christ lives in me
    1. God gave me the law to show me my faith
    1. Don’t let the law hold me away from God
    1. Live under the guidance of the Holy Spirit
    1. I obey Christ’s law when I share my brothers’ burdens


    1. Pray for spiritual wisdom
    1. Salvation is a gift from God
    1. God’s children inherit His riches
    1. There is one Lord, one faith, on baptism, one God
    1. Imitate God in everything I do
    1. Wear the armor of God


    1. Do not be ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ
    1. Hold firmly to the Word of Life
    1. Forget the past and look forward to what lies ahead
    1. Always be full of joy in the Lord


    1. Christ lives in me
    1. My treasure is in Christ
    1. Christ is all that matters and he lives in me
    1. Devote my life to prayer

1 Thessalonians

    1. The world should see and know my faith in Christ
    1. Always be generous and faithful because of Christ
    1. Never lose faith
    1. Live to please God
    1. God chose to save me

2 Thessalonians

    1. Never lose hope
    1. God has called me to Salvation
    1. The Lord is faithful and He will strengthen me

1 Timothy

    1. Jesus came to save sinners
    1. Pray for all people and give thanks to God for them
    1. Nonbelievers should see Christ in me
    1. Train physically and in godliness
    1. Take care of those who cannot take care of themselves
    1. All honor and power belong to God

2 Timothy

    1. No matter what, I can trust God
    1. I am God’s good soldier
    1. All Scripture is God breathed
    1. God has good things in store for anyone who keeps the faith


    1. Be a man of faith
    1. Live wisely and in truth
    1. Live with gentleness and humility


    1. Show kindness to my brothers


    1. Jesus rules with righteousness and justice
    1. Jesus can help me during trials
    1. Hold firm to faith
    1. The word of God is alive and powerful
    1. Jesus understands my weakness
    1. God is not unjust
    1. Death has no power over Jesus
    1. God will never again remember my sin
    1. Jesus’ blood is the atonement for my sin
    1. Jesus’ sacrifice makes me perfect and holy forever
    1. Live a life of great faith
    1. God is a devouring Fire
    1. Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever


    1. I am God’s prized possession
    1. My works will show my faith
    1. God has called me to an honorable life
    1. Humble myself before God
    1. Don’t let my life condemn me

1 Peter

    1. God made me to be holy
    1. God called me away from things that wage war against my soul
    1. Be ready to explain my hope in God
    1. Jesus’ love never fails me
    1. Stand firm and be strong in faith

2 Peter

    1. Always grow in faith
    1. Remember what God has taught me
    1. Look forward to the day of the Lord

1 John

    1. God is faithful and just
    1. Love others, love God
    1. God gave me His Spirit
    1. God is love
    1. Jesus is the Love of God

2 John

    1. Love is being obedient to God’s commands

3 John

    1. Love each other


    1. God called me to pull others from the fire, even by pulling them out

Every Chapter: Lessons About God — Gospels and Acts

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Gospels and Acts

There is no part of the Bible read more frequently than Gospels and Acts. The reason why is obvious: It is the crescendo of the story! Everything that the first 39 books prophesied about is coming to light. God has come out of seeming silence at the end of the Old Testament at full force. All these weird rules are finally beginning to have seeable rationales. The Gospels and Acts tell the story of our transition from practicing Judaism and the founding of the Holy Church.


    1. Jesus is the Messiah
    2. When I’m scared, God has answers
    1. God knows man’s wicked heart
    2. Jesus was hated before He could walk
    3. In all things, God works
    1. God’s Kingdom is near
    2. I must do all that God has required
    1. Scripture is the key to beating temptation
    2. Jesus’ message is very simple
    3. Following Jesus means sacrifice
    4. Jesus is the great healer
    1. Jesus is the fulfillment of the law
    1. God knows my wants and needs
    1. When I look for God, I will find Him
    1. Jesus is all powerful
    1. Faith has made me well
    1. God rewards obedience
    1. God blesses those who do not turn away because of Jesus
    1. Men who do the work of God are Jesus’ brothers
    1. I will only find God if I am constantly looking for Him
    1. My salvation comes only because Jesus reached out to save me
    1. Mercy is greater than the law
    1. God reveals his teachings to me if I just listen
    1. With faith, nothing is impossible
    1. Jesus commands me to forgive
    1. With God, anything is possible
    1. It hurts to be great for Jesus
    1. Jesus is the cornerstone of my faith
    1. Jesus is the source of astounding wisdom
    1. Jesus gave me the law so I know what justice, mercy, and faith are
    1. Jesus will announce his coming
    1. God has given me a life to invest
    1. In the face of death, don’t abandon Jesus
    1. Find forgiveness in Jesus
    1. Jesus is with me always


    1. Prophesy is fulfilled
    2. Follow Jesus in example
    3. Even Jesus was tempted
    4. God’s promised time has come
    5. Following God may mean giving up things you love
    6. Jesus has authority over Hell
    7. Jesus has authority over disease
    8. Jesus came to heal the world
    9. Jesus is the cure of incurable diseases
    1. Jesus works to heal my needs
    1. Grace is greater than the law
    1. Understanding comes from God
    1. God’s mercy is great
    1. Without faith, the greatest miracle is just healing a few sick people
    1. Jesus heals based on faith, not who I am
    1. Jesus can provide everything for me
    1. Jesus can heal unbelief
    1. Jesus is the example of a servant
    1. Jesus will curse my life if I bear no fruit
    1. Jesus died for the world he loves
    1. I must be prepared for Jesus to return
    1. Jesus has already promised that death is not the end
    1. Jesus is the Son of God
    1. Jesus has authority over sin


    1. Investigate the claims of works of God
    2. Believe the word of God
    3. Jesus is the savior of the world
    4. God takes notice of the lowly
    5. Salvation is a gift from God
    1. Jesus came with humble beginnings
    2. Jesus is worth leaving my livelihood
    3. Jesus fulfilled all the requirements of the law
    4. Jesus has revealed the deepest thoughts of my soul
    5. Jesus is wise
    1. Baptism is a declaration of my faith in God
    2. Standing up for God can get me in trouble
    3. God watches me
    4. Jesus came to save all mankind
    1. God takes care of me so I can endure temptation
    2. Jesus fulfills the work of the prophets
    3. Jesus commands with authority
    4. Jesus can cure anything
    1. Jesus rewards sacrifice
    2. Seek God in silence
    3. Forgiving sins is more important that healing bodies
    4. Jesus came for sinners
    5. Jesus is the bridegroom
    1. Jesus identifies the good and evil person by the fruit of their heart
    1. Jesus’ authority is great
    1. Jesus promised, just have faith and you will be healed
    1. Jesus is all powerful
    1. God has registered my name in Heaven
    1. I am blessed to hear the word of God and put it into practice
    1. Seek first the kingdom of God and He will give me everything I need
    1. Repent while I still can
    1. Everyday make Jesus the single greatest thing in my life
    1. I am God’s prodigal son
    1. If money is my master, God cannot be
    1. Give thanks to God for everything He has done for me
    1. To reach God, I have to give up what I love the most
    1. Jesus came to save the lost
    1. It’s not my place to challenge Jesus’ authority
    1. God’s word will never die
    1. Jesus is the Passover lamb
    1. Repentance, not works is the key to salvation
    1. There is forgiveness of sins for all who repent


    1. Jesus is the Word of God
    2. God uses men to fulfill His mission
    3. Jesus is the fulfillment of prophesy
    4. Jesus is the stairway to God
    1. Jesus cleanses me of my impurities
    2. Jesus is the Temple of the Lord
    1. Jesus is the way to Heaven
    2. I must become less and make Jesus greater
    1. Worship God in spirit and truth
    2. Jesus wins souls
    1. There is life in Jesus
    1. Jesus is the bread of life
    1. Jesus came to show me God
    1. Jesus set me free from sin
    1. Jesus uses men with nothing to offer to glorify God
    1. Jesus is the Good Shepherd
    1. Jesus has great compassion for me
    1. Love Jesus more than human praise
    1. The world will know I am Jesus’ follower by my love
    1. Jesus has given me the Spirit of God
    1. Jesus commands me to love my brothers
    1. Jesus has conquered the world
    1. Jesus prayed for me
    1. Jesus came to testify to the truth
    1. Jesus died for me
    1. Those who believe Jesus without seeing him are blessed
    1. I am the Lord’s sheep


    1. Jesus has given me the Holy Spirit
    1. Jesus is the center of the church
    1. Jesus still works miracles
    1. I can be bold in Jesus
    1. Don’t let my life ruin the testimony of the Holy Spirit
    1. Be united with my brothers in Christ
    1. Don’t be afraid to die because of Jesus
    1. God prepares men to meet Him
    1. God can melt a heart of stone
    1. God has made me clean
    1. God’s mercy is for everyone
    1. God set me free
    1. God reveals Himself
    1. God is the source of forgiveness
    1. Keep my body holy for the Lord
    1. God uses bad things for good
    1. Search the Scriptures to find Truth
    1. Use Scripture to prove Jesus
    1. Knowing some of the Truth is still believing a lie
    1. Love God’s children
    1. Don’t let danger sway my faith
    1. God saves lives
    1. Jesus encourages his servants
    1. God uses authority to protect His people
    1. God works to put me where He wants me
    1. Love God, even in chains
    1. Help those who want me dead
    1. Never lose faith

Every Chapter: Lessons About God — Minor Prophets

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Minor Prophets

If there is any section of the Bible that most Christians have never read or otherwise don’t know anything about, it’s the Minor Prophets. These guys had some real interesting lives. The most famous of them, Jonah, had a short stay in a giant fish, but others married prostitutes to show God’s love, prophesied about the Messiah, gave hope to the Israelites, and clarified that the Israelites were being punished; just like their conquerors would one day be punished for their sins also.


    1. Obey God, even when it doesn’t make sense
    1. The Lord woos His bride
    1. The Lord still loves
    1. The Lord sees my heart
    1. God expects more from leaders
    1. God wants me to know Him
    1. The Lord has made me strong
    1. God will hold His people accountable for their sins
    1. The Lord will not forget
    1. In prosperity, remember God
    1. God is the Holy One living among us
    1. The Lord sees sin I believe I’ve gotten away with
    1. Apart from God there is no other savior
    1. The Lord answers prayer


    1. Sin is like an army
    1. God must punish sin
    2. God is merciful, compassionate, eager to relent and not to punish
    3. Always know the Lord is my God
    4. God  has poured His Spirit over the whole Earth
    1. God knows the end of the story already
    2. God makes promises for His people


    1. God will not let sin go unpunished
    1. God must punish the sins of His own people
    1. God does not act without giving His people a warning
    1. Worship only God
    1. God wants justice more than sacrifice
    1. God is slow to give judgment
    1. I don’t have to be someone special to do the work of God
    1. The Lord’s patience only extends so far before He must punish sin
    1. God destroys things so that He can restore His people


    1. God sees the suffering of the people He loves
    1. God takes care of His people


    1. Follow God to the ends of the Earth
    1. God hears my prayers
    1. When others make my sin known to me, I need to repent and ask for mercy.
    1. God loves me despite my sin


    1. It causes God grief to punish His people
    1. There is still hope
    1. I should lead by the power of God
    1. The Lord is a personal ruler
    1. Jesus is the source of peace
    1. The Lord wants me to do what’s right, love mercy, and walk humbly with Him
    1. The Lord is m redeemer


    1. The Lord is jealous for me
    1. God is coming back to restore His people
    1. The Lord reveals His enemies’ shame


    1. I cannot understand like the Lord understands
    1. God’s Glory will win in the end
    1. The Lord is still the God of my Salvation


    1. God hates complacent men
    1. Despite my sin, God still loves me
    1. God restored me


    1. The Lord is with me
    1. Be strong in the Lord


    1. Return to the Lord, always
    1. The Lord will take care of me
    1. Jesus took away the sins of the world
    1. Jesus is the lampshade who conquers by the Lord’s Spirit
    1. God banishes those who sin His name
    1. Jesus plants the church
    1. Be just in all I do
    1. Jesus brings peace the nations
    1. Jesus sealed a covenant with me in His blood
    1. Jesus is the cornerstone
    1. God commands me to care for the sinners
    1. The Lord fights for His people
    1. I am God’s
    1. God Himself will rule as king of the whole world


    1. Of all people, God chose me
    2. Let my life be a good sacrifice to God
    1. Worship the Lord
    2. Always remain faithful
    1. Jesus purifies my heart
    2. God promises blessings for obedience
    3. God promises to show mercy if I honor His name
    1. God leaves his people with hope

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