This one is just crazy. If you’re Christian, this book holds incredible value as God’s finale. It goes out with a bang and we finally understand what mankind has been leading to! It leads to an eternity with God for those who endure through the trials described in the Prophesy Book. For those who aren’t Christian, the book holds incredible value as a fantastic, memorable, scary story. The Prophesy Book is the book of Revelation. It’s the Revelation of Jesus given to the Apostle John through a vision. It’s very interesting to think about what John must have been seeing — we are reading about events that still haven’t happened 2,000 years later through the eyes of a 1st century mind! He’s describing things that he has never even seen the things to give him a basic understanding of what he’s seeing… CRAZY, WICKED SWEET!


    1. Jesus is the Alpha and the Omega
    1. Never lose passion of God
    1. There’s still hope
    1. God is holy
    1. Jesus is the worthy lamb
    1. The Lord brings judgment
    1. God will save his people
    1. God will destroy the Earth
    1. God protects His people
    1. God is mysterious
    1. God remembers His covenant
    1. Satan is defeated
    1. Be faithful
    1. Jesus will harvest His people
    1. Endure patiently
    1. Repent and glorify God
    1. The lamb of God will win
    1. God fulfills prophesy
    1. I am the bride of Christ
    1. God will judge everything
    1. Jesus is the temple of God
    1. Jesus is coming soon