Doctrine is one of the most intimidating words in religious circles. What is it? Doctrine is the instructions for what to believe and what to not believe within Christianity. The author of most of the books on Doctrine was Paul. Paul knew the Law as a Pharisee, but he had to learn doctrine when he repented and put his faith in Jesus. Doctrine caused a lot of division in the early church; everything from eating meat to circumcision to whether or not Jesus already returned. Seems silly, but today we have the same issues just manifested differently. That’s why factions exist within even the same denominations (the different denominations being also being differences in doctrine!). Here’s what the books on Doctrine taught me about God:


    1. My sin stems from not loving God entirely
    1. Have mercy on others
    1. God is faithful, always
    1. God gave the law so I would see my need for him
    1. Jesus came to give me life
    1. Be a slave to Christ
    1. I am free from the law by dying with Christ
    1. Nothing can separate me from God’s love
    1. I can’t work for mercy
    1. Call on the name of the Lord
    1. I am on God’s tree
    1. Use my gifts to serve God
    1. Honor the authority God has put me under
    1. Serve Christ with an attitude of peace and joy
    1. Rejoice with one voice in Christ
    1. Greet my brothers with Christian love

1 Corinthians

    1. Jesus is wisdom itself
    1. The Holy Spirit makes me holy
    1. God will test me
    1. Love my brothers in Christ
    1. Judge myself before the church has to
    1. My body is the temple of the Holy Spirit
    1. God paid a high price for me
    1. God recognizes the one who loves him
    1. Jesus compels me to my task
    1. Let my life always imitate Christ
    1. I am under God’s authority
    1. God has given me a job
    1. Jesus is love
    1. Everything I do should strengthen the church
    1. Jesus is alive
    1. Do everything in love

2 Corinthians

    1. God Comforts me
    1. Love those who’ve sinned against me
    1. I am the image of Christ
    1. God will never abandon me
    1. Through Jesus, I am a new man
    1. I am the temple of the living God
    1. Work toward complete holiness
    1. Jesus gave up heaven for my sake
    1. God gives generously
    1. Boast in the Lord
    1. Be wary of false prophets
    1. Jesus’ grace is enough
    1. Examine myself and see if my faith is genuine


    1. Don’t be fooled by false gospels
    1. Christ lives in me
    1. God gave me the law to show me my faith
    1. Don’t let the law hold me away from God
    1. Live under the guidance of the Holy Spirit
    1. I obey Christ’s law when I share my brothers’ burdens


    1. Pray for spiritual wisdom
    1. Salvation is a gift from God
    1. God’s children inherit His riches
    1. There is one Lord, one faith, on baptism, one God
    1. Imitate God in everything I do
    1. Wear the armor of God


    1. Do not be ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ
    1. Hold firmly to the Word of Life
    1. Forget the past and look forward to what lies ahead
    1. Always be full of joy in the Lord


    1. Christ lives in me
    1. My treasure is in Christ
    1. Christ is all that matters and he lives in me
    1. Devote my life to prayer

1 Thessalonians

    1. The world should see and know my faith in Christ
    1. Always be generous and faithful because of Christ
    1. Never lose faith
    1. Live to please God
    1. God chose to save me

2 Thessalonians

    1. Never lose hope
    1. God has called me to Salvation
    1. The Lord is faithful and He will strengthen me

1 Timothy

    1. Jesus came to save sinners
    1. Pray for all people and give thanks to God for them
    1. Nonbelievers should see Christ in me
    1. Train physically and in godliness
    1. Take care of those who cannot take care of themselves
    1. All honor and power belong to God

2 Timothy

    1. No matter what, I can trust God
    1. I am God’s good soldier
    1. All Scripture is God breathed
    1. God has good things in store for anyone who keeps the faith


    1. Be a man of faith
    1. Live wisely and in truth
    1. Live with gentleness and humility


    1. Show kindness to my brothers


    1. Jesus rules with righteousness and justice
    1. Jesus can help me during trials
    1. Hold firm to faith
    1. The word of God is alive and powerful
    1. Jesus understands my weakness
    1. God is not unjust
    1. Death has no power over Jesus
    1. God will never again remember my sin
    1. Jesus’ blood is the atonement for my sin
    1. Jesus’ sacrifice makes me perfect and holy forever
    1. Live a life of great faith
    1. God is a devouring Fire
    1. Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever


    1. I am God’s prized possession
    1. My works will show my faith
    1. God has called me to an honorable life
    1. Humble myself before God
    1. Don’t let my life condemn me

1 Peter

    1. God made me to be holy
    1. God called me away from things that wage war against my soul
    1. Be ready to explain my hope in God
    1. Jesus’ love never fails me
    1. Stand firm and be strong in faith

2 Peter

    1. Always grow in faith
    1. Remember what God has taught me
    1. Look forward to the day of the Lord

1 John

    1. God is faithful and just
    1. Love others, love God
    1. God gave me His Spirit
    1. God is love
    1. Jesus is the Love of God

2 John

    1. Love is being obedient to God’s commands

3 John

    1. Love each other


    1. God called me to pull others from the fire, even by pulling them out