Gospels and Acts

There is no part of the Bible read more frequently than Gospels and Acts. The reason why is obvious: It is the crescendo of the story! Everything that the first 39 books prophesied about is coming to light. God has come out of seeming silence at the end of the Old Testament at full force. All these weird rules are finally beginning to have seeable rationales. The Gospels and Acts tell the story of our transition from practicing Judaism and the founding of the Holy Church.


    1. Jesus is the Messiah
    2. When I’m scared, God has answers
    1. God knows man’s wicked heart
    2. Jesus was hated before He could walk
    3. In all things, God works
    1. God’s Kingdom is near
    2. I must do all that God has required
    1. Scripture is the key to beating temptation
    2. Jesus’ message is very simple
    3. Following Jesus means sacrifice
    4. Jesus is the great healer
    1. Jesus is the fulfillment of the law
    1. God knows my wants and needs
    1. When I look for God, I will find Him
    1. Jesus is all powerful
    1. Faith has made me well
    1. God rewards obedience
    1. God blesses those who do not turn away because of Jesus
    1. Men who do the work of God are Jesus’ brothers
    1. I will only find God if I am constantly looking for Him
    1. My salvation comes only because Jesus reached out to save me
    1. Mercy is greater than the law
    1. God reveals his teachings to me if I just listen
    1. With faith, nothing is impossible
    1. Jesus commands me to forgive
    1. With God, anything is possible
    1. It hurts to be great for Jesus
    1. Jesus is the cornerstone of my faith
    1. Jesus is the source of astounding wisdom
    1. Jesus gave me the law so I know what justice, mercy, and faith are
    1. Jesus will announce his coming
    1. God has given me a life to invest
    1. In the face of death, don’t abandon Jesus
    1. Find forgiveness in Jesus
    1. Jesus is with me always


    1. Prophesy is fulfilled
    2. Follow Jesus in example
    3. Even Jesus was tempted
    4. God’s promised time has come
    5. Following God may mean giving up things you love
    6. Jesus has authority over Hell
    7. Jesus has authority over disease
    8. Jesus came to heal the world
    9. Jesus is the cure of incurable diseases
    1. Jesus works to heal my needs
    1. Grace is greater than the law
    1. Understanding comes from God
    1. God’s mercy is great
    1. Without faith, the greatest miracle is just healing a few sick people
    1. Jesus heals based on faith, not who I am
    1. Jesus can provide everything for me
    1. Jesus can heal unbelief
    1. Jesus is the example of a servant
    1. Jesus will curse my life if I bear no fruit
    1. Jesus died for the world he loves
    1. I must be prepared for Jesus to return
    1. Jesus has already promised that death is not the end
    1. Jesus is the Son of God
    1. Jesus has authority over sin


    1. Investigate the claims of works of God
    2. Believe the word of God
    3. Jesus is the savior of the world
    4. God takes notice of the lowly
    5. Salvation is a gift from God
    1. Jesus came with humble beginnings
    2. Jesus is worth leaving my livelihood
    3. Jesus fulfilled all the requirements of the law
    4. Jesus has revealed the deepest thoughts of my soul
    5. Jesus is wise
    1. Baptism is a declaration of my faith in God
    2. Standing up for God can get me in trouble
    3. God watches me
    4. Jesus came to save all mankind
    1. God takes care of me so I can endure temptation
    2. Jesus fulfills the work of the prophets
    3. Jesus commands with authority
    4. Jesus can cure anything
    1. Jesus rewards sacrifice
    2. Seek God in silence
    3. Forgiving sins is more important that healing bodies
    4. Jesus came for sinners
    5. Jesus is the bridegroom
    1. Jesus identifies the good and evil person by the fruit of their heart
    1. Jesus’ authority is great
    1. Jesus promised, just have faith and you will be healed
    1. Jesus is all powerful
    1. God has registered my name in Heaven
    1. I am blessed to hear the word of God and put it into practice
    1. Seek first the kingdom of God and He will give me everything I need
    1. Repent while I still can
    1. Everyday make Jesus the single greatest thing in my life
    1. I am God’s prodigal son
    1. If money is my master, God cannot be
    1. Give thanks to God for everything He has done for me
    1. To reach God, I have to give up what I love the most
    1. Jesus came to save the lost
    1. It’s not my place to challenge Jesus’ authority
    1. God’s word will never die
    1. Jesus is the Passover lamb
    1. Repentance, not works is the key to salvation
    1. There is forgiveness of sins for all who repent


    1. Jesus is the Word of God
    2. God uses men to fulfill His mission
    3. Jesus is the fulfillment of prophesy
    4. Jesus is the stairway to God
    1. Jesus cleanses me of my impurities
    2. Jesus is the Temple of the Lord
    1. Jesus is the way to Heaven
    2. I must become less and make Jesus greater
    1. Worship God in spirit and truth
    2. Jesus wins souls
    1. There is life in Jesus
    1. Jesus is the bread of life
    1. Jesus came to show me God
    1. Jesus set me free from sin
    1. Jesus uses men with nothing to offer to glorify God
    1. Jesus is the Good Shepherd
    1. Jesus has great compassion for me
    1. Love Jesus more than human praise
    1. The world will know I am Jesus’ follower by my love
    1. Jesus has given me the Spirit of God
    1. Jesus commands me to love my brothers
    1. Jesus has conquered the world
    1. Jesus prayed for me
    1. Jesus came to testify to the truth
    1. Jesus died for me
    1. Those who believe Jesus without seeing him are blessed
    1. I am the Lord’s sheep


    1. Jesus has given me the Holy Spirit
    1. Jesus is the center of the church
    1. Jesus still works miracles
    1. I can be bold in Jesus
    1. Don’t let my life ruin the testimony of the Holy Spirit
    1. Be united with my brothers in Christ
    1. Don’t be afraid to die because of Jesus
    1. God prepares men to meet Him
    1. God can melt a heart of stone
    1. God has made me clean
    1. God’s mercy is for everyone
    1. God set me free
    1. God reveals Himself
    1. God is the source of forgiveness
    1. Keep my body holy for the Lord
    1. God uses bad things for good
    1. Search the Scriptures to find Truth
    1. Use Scripture to prove Jesus
    1. Knowing some of the Truth is still believing a lie
    1. Love God’s children
    1. Don’t let danger sway my faith
    1. God saves lives
    1. Jesus encourages his servants
    1. God uses authority to protect His people
    1. God works to put me where He wants me
    1. Love God, even in chains
    1. Help those who want me dead
    1. Never lose faith