Minor Prophets

If there is any section of the Bible that most Christians have never read or otherwise don’t know anything about, it’s the Minor Prophets. These guys had some real interesting lives. The most famous of them, Jonah, had a short stay in a giant fish, but others married prostitutes to show God’s love, prophesied about the Messiah, gave hope to the Israelites, and clarified that the Israelites were being punished; just like their conquerors would one day be punished for their sins also.


    1. Obey God, even when it doesn’t make sense
    1. The Lord woos His bride
    1. The Lord still loves
    1. The Lord sees my heart
    1. God expects more from leaders
    1. God wants me to know Him
    1. The Lord has made me strong
    1. God will hold His people accountable for their sins
    1. The Lord will not forget
    1. In prosperity, remember God
    1. God is the Holy One living among us
    1. The Lord sees sin I believe I’ve gotten away with
    1. Apart from God there is no other savior
    1. The Lord answers prayer


    1. Sin is like an army
    1. God must punish sin
    2. God is merciful, compassionate, eager to relent and not to punish
    3. Always know the Lord is my God
    4. God  has poured His Spirit over the whole Earth
    1. God knows the end of the story already
    2. God makes promises for His people


    1. God will not let sin go unpunished
    1. God must punish the sins of His own people
    1. God does not act without giving His people a warning
    1. Worship only God
    1. God wants justice more than sacrifice
    1. God is slow to give judgment
    1. I don’t have to be someone special to do the work of God
    1. The Lord’s patience only extends so far before He must punish sin
    1. God destroys things so that He can restore His people


    1. God sees the suffering of the people He loves
    1. God takes care of His people


    1. Follow God to the ends of the Earth
    1. God hears my prayers
    1. When others make my sin known to me, I need to repent and ask for mercy.
    1. God loves me despite my sin


    1. It causes God grief to punish His people
    1. There is still hope
    1. I should lead by the power of God
    1. The Lord is a personal ruler
    1. Jesus is the source of peace
    1. The Lord wants me to do what’s right, love mercy, and walk humbly with Him
    1. The Lord is m redeemer


    1. The Lord is jealous for me
    1. God is coming back to restore His people
    1. The Lord reveals His enemies’ shame


    1. I cannot understand like the Lord understands
    1. God’s Glory will win in the end
    1. The Lord is still the God of my Salvation


    1. God hates complacent men
    1. Despite my sin, God still loves me
    1. God restored me


    1. The Lord is with me
    1. Be strong in the Lord


    1. Return to the Lord, always
    1. The Lord will take care of me
    1. Jesus took away the sins of the world
    1. Jesus is the lampshade who conquers by the Lord’s Spirit
    1. God banishes those who sin His name
    1. Jesus plants the church
    1. Be just in all I do
    1. Jesus brings peace the nations
    1. Jesus sealed a covenant with me in His blood
    1. Jesus is the cornerstone
    1. God commands me to care for the sinners
    1. The Lord fights for His people
    1. I am God’s
    1. God Himself will rule as king of the whole world


    1. Of all people, God chose me
    2. Let my life be a good sacrifice to God
    1. Worship the Lord
    2. Always remain faithful
    1. Jesus purifies my heart
    2. God promises blessings for obedience
    3. God promises to show mercy if I honor His name
    1. God leaves his people with hope