Major Prophets

The Major Prophets really just mean they are the big books written by prophets. Even While Israel and Judea were exiled to Syria and Babylon, God sent messengers (prophets) to guide His people. They foretold the future, gave warnings to the people, and interpreted the Will of God; even in the face of persecution by their captures and even the other Israelites! The Major Prophets tell the story of a God who is Just, Compassionate, and Loving.


    1. If I turn to God, He will protect me
    1. The Lord rules in justice
    1. The Lord is the great revealer
    1. The Lord restores His people
    1. God has done everything he can to make me glorifying to him
    2. When I see my sin, repent
    1. God personally chooses His messengers
    1. Jesus fulfilled the promise of Immanuel
    1. Everything God is doing is just
    1. Jesus is the Prince of Peace
    2. Learn from the Lord’s punishment
    1. Don’t be proud
    2. The Lord’s anger does not last forever
    1. Jesus is the banner of salvation
    1. The Lord has come to save me
    1. God will destroy the wicked
    1. The Lord cast Satan down
    1. The Lord protects His people
    1. The Lord has pity on those He must punish
    1. The Lord will do whatever it takes to keep my eyes on Him
    1. The Lord is very serious about having no god but Him
    1. The Lord heals
    1. Have faith in God
    1. The Lord will fight for His children
    1. The Lord Himself has redeemed me
    1. God will restore even the wicked for His purposes
    1. Singing praise to God is for both happy and sad times
    1. The Lord is my shelter
    1. Those who die in the Lord will live
    1. Turn to the Lord for help
    1. The Lord talks to His people in many ways
    1. Don’t let my worship be just a set of man-made rules
    1. The Lord is faithful
    1. I cannot rely on mere men to save me from God
    1. Jesus is a righteous king
    1. The Lord is my judge, lawgiver, and king
    1. The Lord’s wisdom is greater than mine
    1. The Lord is coming to save me
    1. Only the Lord can save me
    1. The Lord defends and protects His people
    1. The Lord answers prayer
    1. I can rest assured in the Lord
    1. The Lord is the everlasting God
    1. I am not afraid, God is here to help me
    1. Jesus is the symbol of God’s covenant with man
    1. Jesus is the Savior of Israel
    1. God is the First and the Last
    1. God will never go back on His word
    1. There is none like God
    1. God has no equal
    1. If I won’t listen, God will send someone else to be His messenger
    1. My name is written on the palm of Jesus
    1. Jesus knew what awaited Him at the cross, but He still went for me
    1. God Himself Comforts me
    1. God took me back though I have nothing to offer Him
    1. Jesus died so I could be counted as righteous
    1. The Lord will never abandon me
    1. Even the wicked find forgiveness through God
    1. God gives great blessings in Heaven to men who obey Him on Earth
    1. The Lord will lead
    1. The Lord wants true, honorable worship
    1. My sin has cut me off from God
    1. God restores His people
    1. The day of the Lord’s favor has come
    1. I am the bride of Christ
    1. The Lord came to avenge the oppressed
    1. Despite my sin, God is still my Father
    1. The Lord honors His servants
    1. All humanity is made to worship God


    1. God uses unprepared men for His work
    1. God see me guilt no matter how much ”soap” I use
    1. God is merciful
    1. Repentance leads to truth, justice, and righteousness
    1. Sin robs me of God’s blessings
    1. If I follow the godly path, my soul will find rest
    1. God wants obedience, not sacrifice
    1. When I sin, turn back to God
    2. Boast that I know the Lord who brings unfailing love
    1. The Lord gently corrects His people in love
    1. If I obey the Lord, He will be my God and I will be His
    1. Rely on God for the little challenges or I will have no hope for the big ones
    1. God strips His people to expose their sin
    1. God is able to save me, but sometimes I have to learn the hard way
    1. Return to God to be restored
    1. Don’t join in with what God hates
    1. God alone is my hope
    1. God can rebuild my life
    1. Don’t let my heart be like a garbage dump
    1. Doing God’s work doesn’t come without punishment
    1. I cannot win a fight against God
    1. Seek after God first and justice
    1. Jesus will rule with wisdom and justice
    1. Be like a good fig
    1. God is patient
    1. Men who love God help each other
    1. Submit to those given authority by God
    1. Never preach a false gospel
    1. If I search wholeheartedly for God, I will find Him
    1. A just God can’t let sins go unpunished forever
    1. Jesus is God’s new covenant
    1. God restores His people
    1. Jesus is the promised restoration
    1. Pay respects to the dead
    1. Be faithful
    1. I am hidden in Christ
    1. Even with best efforts, I cannot stop the Lord’s will
    1. There is safety in the Lord
    1. Listen to the word of God
    1. God protects the poor
    1. Good men die protecting God’s people
    1. Obey the Lord
    1. I cannot hide from God
    1. The Lord cannot stand idolatry
    1. God rewards the faithful
    1. Trust in God, have no idols
    1. I cannot hide from God
    1. Don’t put my faith in trust or skill
    1. Worship only the Lord
    1. The God who redeems me is strong
    1. God is the great avenger
    1. God works miracles


    1. Don’t let my life by a funeral song
    1. God punishes sin
    1. The Lord is my inheritance
    1. Don’t let extreme circumstances turn me from God
    1. My God never changes


    1. God is personal
    1. I was handpicked by God
    1. God has appointed me
    1. I can never fully understand God
    1. The Lord’s punishment is meant to teach
    1. The Lord is God alone
    1. The Lord is God
    1. Don’t let idolatry take hold in my life
    1. I am marked for God
    1. God cannot stand sin
    1. Do the work of the Lord
    1. Be a sign of God’s coming
    1. It is better to say nothing than to give false hope
    1. I have to choose the Lord wholeheartedly
    1. Let God use me
    1. Be faithful to my God
    1. Never go back on a treaty made in God’s name
    1. I am judged according to my own life
    1. Don’t blind myself to win
    1. God purges the rebellious from His holy people
    1. Repent before God must judge me
    1. Don’t forget my God
    1. Learn from God’s justice
    1. Following God is hard
    1. Do not act out against God’s people
    1. Do not enjoy the failures ofo God’s people
    1. God gives and God takes
    1. I am lower than I believe
    1. Follow the instructions the Lord gives me
    1. The Lord wins
    1. If I am great, it is only because God made me so
    1. God destroys the evil
    1. Jesus is the watchman
    1. Jesus is the Good Shepherd
    1. Love peace
    1. God has given me His Spirit
    1. God brings the dead back to lfie
    1. God furiously defends His people
    1. The Lord will not allow others to shame His people
    1. God has already made plans for my life
    1. God cares about my life
    1. God has made my body holy
    1. My body needs to be kept holy for the Lord
    1. God wants to keep me holy
    1. God gives responsibility with His gifts
    1. God protects me even from His own power
    1. God has cleansed me
    1. The Lord is there


    1. God is proud of obedience
    1. God rewards obedience
    1. God protects obedient men
    1. God humbles pride and restores glory
    1. God punishes pride
    1. God saves the faithful
    1. In the end, God wins
    1. God himself will fight for my soul
    1. God answers prayer
    1. God answers humble prayer
    1. God reveals
    1. God has numbered the days until the day of His Glory