History Books

Today, I’m discussing the History Books. The History Books Begin with Joshua conquering Jericho and the Promised Land, and ends in with Ester saving the nation of Israel. Many of the most well-known People in the Bible are talked about in these books. Joshua, Gideon, Sampson, Ruth, Samuel, Saul, David, and Solomon to name a few! God uses the History Books to teach us that a nation cannot sustain itself without God. The Israelite do whatever the see fit, leaving their God and searching for safety in men and false gods. It leads to them being conquered and enslaved multiple times. These books really show that God is slow to wrath. Here are lessons that I learned from each chapter in the History books!


    1. The Lord will never leave or abandon me
    2. Be strong and courageous
    1. Faith is the greatest sign of a covenant
    1. Miracles can happen
    1. The hand of the Lord is powerful, and I must fear the Lord my God forever
    1. The Lord has rolled away my shame
    2. The ground in the presence of the Lord is holy
    1. Only God can win battles, and I must have faith that he will
    1. When I’ve fallen in sin, get up
    2. Sin must be punished
    1. With God on my side, I can defeat the things that once defeated me
    1. Never break a vow made in the presence of God
    1. The Lord will fight for me
    1. The Lord keeps His promises
    1. God can defeat enemies in far greater numbers and far greater strength than myself
    1. God won’t quit until his work is finished
    1. When a brother dies before completing vows made before God, I should insure that they are kept
    1. God doesn’t forget, even the wicked who he destroys.
    1. Families should not be divided over land
    1. I have to work for what I want
    1. God is a fair judge
    1. Sin puts up a fight, even after the evil one has been defeated
    1. God sees a difference between intentional and accidental sin
    1. God fulfills every promise that he makes
    1. I need to do whatever it takes to remember my relationship with the Lord
    1. The Lord is faithful, so I should be faithful in return
    1. Worshiping the Lord is a choice


    1. When I walk with the Lord, I will find great victories
    2. I should not sacrifice my convictions because something else is easier
    1. If I lose sight of the Lord, He will punish me
    2. The Lord will send reminders of my sin so that I will come back to him
    1. I may not know the reason for the Lord’s commands, but I need to obey them
    2. God’s judges come to bring peace
    3. The Lord made me the way that I am so that I can serve his purpose that no one else can
    4. I may only do one great thing for the Lord in my lifetime, but that may be all that he’s required of me
    1. God uses unlikely people to save His people
    1. Love the Lord
    1. Faith is shown by work
    2. God gives me signs of his will, I just need to learn to look for them
    1. God makes victory look impossible because he wants me to always remember that he won the battle, not me.
    1. Don’t let anything hinder my relationship with God
    1. My decisions need to come out of good faith of what God has said
    2. God punishes evil deeds, even if not right away
    1. God Remembers those who serve him
    2. It hurts God to punish the people he loves
    1. God chooses unlikely men to lead
    2. Keep all promises made to God
    1. I have no claim against God when I ignore His calls
    2. No one is greater than the body as a whole
    1. God will tell me his plans if I will listen to them
    1. Do not use God’s blessings for selfish gains
    1. God protects those he has chosen
    1. Do not let lust
    2. Despite my past, God can still use me
    1. Just because it appears that I am honoring God, it doesn’t mean that I am not instead disgracing him
    1. One man’s sin does not justify my own sins
    1. Indirectly hurting someone is still sin
    1. The Lord’s laws are there to protect me
    1. I need a King


    1. I should remain faithful to the people the Lord has given me
    1. Protect people who have less than myself
    1. God knows my desires and he will give me what I need
    1. God has a purpose for my life

1 Samuel

    1. God hears my prayers
    2. God answers prayer
    1. When I make a vow to the Lord, I should rejoice in fulfilling it
    2. Who but God could intercede when I’ve sinned against God
    1. When the Lord calls me, I should call back
    1. The Lord is always true to His word
    2. Never steal from God
    1. The Lord will not be desecrated
    1. Nothing will break God’s covenant with me
    1. The Lord will not help me if I am worshiping something else
    1. Don’t let my desires take precedence over the Lord
    1. Look for the positive side of even the most evil people
    1. God wants me to know his will
    2. The Lord will give me my mission
    1. Victory comes only from God
    1. Be honest so that no one can plead their case against me before God
    1. Be the man after God’s own heart that He is searching for
    1. Daring plans for God are worth risking
    2. Never make foolish vows before God
    1. Obedience is greater than sacrifice
    1. Before I can be a king, I need to be a servant
    1. If I have faith, God will win the battle for me
    1. When God is with me everything I do will succeed
    2. Those who do the work of the Lord can be destroyed
    1. The Lord is my protection
    1. Brothers love each other
    1. God will take care of me
    1. I may be killed doing God’s work
    1. No matter what, God will protect me from the evil one
    1. Never repay evil with evil
    1. Do not repay evil for good
    2. Fear God and love your family
    3. Love God before anything else
    1. Don’t try to hurt God’s people
    1. Don’t rely on myself. Rely on God to take care of me
    1. Consult no one but the Lord
    1. As a follower of God, I should live in a way that no one can find fault in me
    1. Consult the Lord and find your strength in Him
    1. Good and evil alike, everyone dies because of our sin

2 Samuel

    1. Never forget who is special to the Lord
    1. Don’t fight with my Christian brothers
    1. The Lord should strike me dead if I don’t do everything I can to further His greatness
    2. Vengeance is God’s, not mine
    1. Let the Lord decide who is and isn’t guilty, and let Him decide justice
    1. The Lord’s words are true
    2. Ask God how to fight evil and he will lead the charge
    1. God’s law is holy and needs to be obeyed
    1. Always get God’s opinion before acting
    2. God is loyal to people who are loyal
    1. The Lord brings glory to the men who honor him
    1. Show kindness to the ones who have lost everything
    1. God seeks justice
    1. When I sin, I should seek forgiveness from God and the person I hurt, not try to cover up my sins
    2. Confession is the way to ‘cover up’ sin, not more sin
    1. God gives justice to victims
    2. God judges the guilty
    1. Lust leads to wickedness
    2. Vengeance belongs to God, not to me
    1. Mercy is best viewed form many lights
    1. God gives justice, not me
    2. Trust God’s plans
    1. Seek wisdom from God before making decisions
    1. The Lord plans the battles for his servants
    1. God uses vein glory as a weapon
    1. Mourn the dead, but do not forget the living
    2. Show mercy when others sin against me
    3. Return kindness with kindness
    1. Rebellion comes with punishment
    1. Sin has consequences that I could never foresee
    1. God is Salvation
    1. Fear God
    1. Jesus is seen through the whole old testament
    2. My sin hurts more people than just me

1 Kings

    1. The Lord’s will is to be done no matter what others say
    1. Follow the ways of the Lord
    1. Wisdom is greater than riches
    1. Wisdom is a gift from God
    1. Peace is at the start of great things
    1. No matter how long it takes, I know I can always trust God’s promises
    1. God uses unexpected men to build his kingdom
    1. If I look for Him, I can see the Lord
    1. God repays every man with what he deserves
    1. Recognize flattery and don’t let it take advantage of me
    2. No matter how much stuff I have, I can never buy eternal life
    1. Obey God’s commands even if they don’t make sense to me
    2. Sin changes everything
    3. God protects the men he chooses
    1. The Lord’s words are true
    1. When I do the work of the Lord, I should be careful to do everything He commands
    1. Don’t turn my eyes from God
    1. Rule over what God has given me with fear
    2. Be a man of honor
    1. Don’t forget about God when He gives me power
    1. God cares about life
    1. God will prove himself
    1. God has a plan and he is in control
    2. God is present in a gentle whisper
    1. God provides victory for his people
    1. Dishonest business practices are evil before the Lord
    1. Sometimes God’s words are not what I want them to be, but His way is better than mine

2 Kings

    1. A man of God is a man to be honored
    1. Wanting to do God’s work is a good thing
    2. God holds the power of life and death
    1. My greatest allies are God and my brothers
    1. God uses what little I have to make a lot
    2. Honoring men who love God is honoring God
    1. I have to take God at faith and do the simple things he asks me
    1. God’s armies protect His men
    1. I’ll discover God’s glory when I have nothing left to lose
    1. Don’t let anything turn my eyes from God
    1. God’s law is eternal
    1. Be relentless in the pursuit of God’s justice
    1. God will use the meek to lead
    1. Give to the Lord’s work
    1. Have zealous faith
    1. Don’t go to war with my brothers
    1. Don’t let my one paragraph life story be a description of my sin
    1. The Lord is the only God
    1. The Lord punishes the unrepentant
    1. When good things become idols they need to be brought back down to their place
    2. Don’t let temptation steer me away from God
    1. God works to show the world that He alone is God
    1. The Lord honors men who honor Him
    1. Destruction comes from momentarily turning from God
    1. God sees my penitence
    1. Share the word of God
    1. When God is your enemy, you cannot win
    1. God only hands out so many calls for repentance

1 Chronicles

    1. The Lord will always remember me
    1. My life is valuable to God
    1. God can save the world with unlikely people
    1. If I am remembered for anything, let it be for trusting the Lord
    1. The Lord is true to His word
    1. I may not know why God tells me to do something, but I do know to obey it
    1. Every word in the Word of God matters
    1. The lowest of men do the most good for the kingdom of God
    1. Keep the place of the Lord holy
    1. Never lose my faith in God, even for a moment
    1. I can be a mighty warrior of God’s
    1. The army of the Lord is made entirely from defects
    1. I should have no shame before God
    1. God will provide
    1. My plans will fail if I do not ask God how he wants me to do it
    1. Know who my spiritual leaders are
    1. God takes pleasure in me
    1. Give gratitude to God for all the blessings He has given me
    1. God seeks justice
    1. Despite my previous sin, God is still with me
    1. Motivation can make otherwise non-sinful actions sinful
    1. God will give me what I need to do His will
    1. Every member of the body has a purpose
    1. The Lord has chosen a job for each of His servants
    1. Music is honorable to the Lord
    1. All of the Lord’s servants are important
    1. Preparation is God ordained
    1. God has written the plan, I just need to follow it
    1. I should lessen the burdens of my brothers whenever I can

2 Chronicles

    1. Love God’s people
    1. God’s word is filled with surprises
    1. God cares about details that most people never even see
    1. I am clean
    1. The Lord is great
    1. Prayers have been made for me for thousands of years
    1. God will test my faith to see if it true
    1. The Lord puts people in my life for a reason
    1. Others should be able to see God in my life
    2. Don’t let money control me
    1. Listen to wise counsel
    1. God is in control
    1. God hears cries of repentance
    1. God is with men who are faithful to Him
    1. The Lord’s army will fight for me
    1. Give my heart completely to God
    1. Always go to God to save me
    1. When God is with me, other people know it
    1. The Lord’s will cannot  be stopped
    1. The Lord is the God of Justice
    1. God takes care of men who humble themselves before Him
    1. God is faithful to His covenants
    1. Man cannot undo God’s will
    1. I am a warrior for Christ
    1. Honor God with my whole life
    1. Serve the Lord whole heartedly
    1. The Lord’s house is holy
    1. When I do what’s right in the eyes of the Lord, He will reward me
    1. F ear the Lord’s wrath
    1. Seek God’s will first
    1. God cares more about heart than actions
    1. God blesses me when I’m doing His work
    1. The Lord is faithful to men who are faithful
    1. God can change hearts
    1. When I see sin in my life, I should repent and change immediately
    1. Keep God’s commands
    1. God is with me


    1. God honors His promises
    1. God’s people will never be fully destroyed
    1. God’s plans work
    1. When I do the Lord’s work, I will face opposition
    1. When God is with me, no opposition can stop me
    1. God’s work will be done
    1. God’s grace is on His people
    1. Hold no grudge against the Lord
    1. When I sin, ask God for forgiveness
    1. Forgiveness comes with repentance


    1. Find my mission from God
    1. God is bigger than my opposition
    1. I play a part in God’s plan
    1. God protects His workers
    1. Defend the oppressed
    1. God helps when I do His work
    1. God’s word works together
    1. Rejoice in what God has done
    1. God made the law for my benefit
    1. I can always return to God
    1. God will choose my home
    1. God plans a future I can’t imagine
    1. God remembers me with favor


    1. God sets events in place for His work
    1. God works hearts for His will
    1. Bow to only God
    1. If I  must die, I must die
    1. God spares lives
    1. God spares the humble
    1. All things work for God’s purpose
    1. God provides for the faithful
    1. Remember what God has saved me from
    1. God takes care of men of great faith