I’ve considered posting this since I first started my blog. It’s pretty personal, and took a little over a year for me to complete, but I learned so much about God from deciding to do it. Several years ago, I knew a person who treated everything in Bible had a single message — the lesson from every story was exactly the same; the response to every chapter was the same. I disagreed, so I sat down and wrote about every chapter of the Bible. I said that there were 1,189 chapters in the Bible, so there had to be at least 1,189 lessons that could be learned. So, as I read through the Bible I thought about what every chapter taught me about God: who He is, what He does, Why he acts. This is the result (sorry, I know it’s SUPER long). Since it’s so long, for the next week or so I will be posting portions from my journey. I’m splitting them up into 8 sections organized by the “topic” of that portion of the Bible. They will be:

  1. Law Books
  2. History Books
  3. Poetry Books
  4. Major Prophets
  5. Minor Prophets
  6. Gospels and Acts
  7. Doctrine
  8. Prophesy

So, to begin…

Law Books

The Law Books are the first 5 books of the Bible. They are believed to be written by Moses, and they are the outline of human history beginning with creation and ending as the Israelite nation prepare to enter the Promised Land. Moses acted as the spiritual, political, and general of the nation under the direct leadership of God. From studying these books, you learn what God’s standard is for man, that we cannot live up to that standard, and the Salvation is found only in the Lord.


    1. God is Creator
    1. I am the image of God
    1. God is Just
    2. God will protect me, no matter my faults
    1. God Demands a pure sacrifice
    2. God won’t forget me
    3. God will make sure his promises are kept
    1. God will remember me
    1. God cannot stand evil
    1. God will make preparations
    1. God Won’t leave me
    1. God made my life valuable
    2. God brings honor to those who do good
    1. God will make great nations out of great men
    2. God can find good, even in evil
    3. God honors the good
    4. God knows where all people,  seemingly good or seemingly evil, come from and he has given them blessings because of the faith of their fathers
    1. God demands to be the center of worship
    2. God won’t forget where I’ve come from
    3. God knows my past
    1. God blesses obedience
    2. God should be what I put my faith in
    1. God blesses the faithful
    1. God protects the faithful
    2. God deserves great blessings
    1. God counts us righteous because of our faith
    1. Fleeting doubt is sin
    1. God never forgets his promises
    2. God demands that we remember his covenants
    3. God is faithful
    1. Nothing is too hard for God
    2. God is merciful
    1. God must impose justice
    2. God is good despite my sin
    1. God protects me from sin
    1. God keeps his word
    2. God will provide
    3. God’s name is sacred
    1.  God will provide
    1. God will give what I need
    1. God answers prayer
    1. God keeps his promises
    2. God knows the consequences of my actions, even before I do them
    1. God will protect me
    2. God Provides for my needs
    3. God wants peace
    1. God doesn’t need my help to complete his perfect will
    2. God allows consequences for sin
    1. God wants a relationship with me
    1. God gives safe deliverance
    2. God punishes sin
    3. God loves the unloved
    1. God lifts my disgrace
    2. God promises to provide
    1. God brings good from bad intentions
    2. God protects me even when I sin
    3. God sees sin, even if no one else does
    1. God’s plans are bigger than my fear
    2. God changes lives
    1. God heals the bitter heart
    1. Vengeance belongs to God
    1. El-Shaddai; God Almighty
    2. God is the restoration of relationships
    1. God will remember me when history has forgotten me
    1. God communicates with his children
    2. God uses sin for good
    1. God brings justice for sin
    1. God is with me
    1. God knows things that no man could
    1. God allows bad things to happen so he can do good
    2. God keeps his word
    1. God uses bad circumstances to bring his glory
    1. God gives great gifts when I am patient enough to receive them
    2. God knows my greatest desires
    1. God would make any sacrifice in place of my life
    2. God changes hearts
    1. God’s will is always going to be done
    2. God keeps his word
    1. God understands my pain
    2. God knows my needs before I do
    1. Everything works together for God’s will
    2. God protects his people
    1. God loves the least, the greatest
    1. God has blessings for the righteous and curses for the wicked
    1. God gives us what we need to mourn when we’ve lost someone
    2. God forgives
    3. God prepares and protects me from evil


    1. God allows evil to work for a time
    1. God chooses his leaders
    2. God remembers his covenant
    1. God is the mighty hand that protects his people
    1. God is the Lord
    2. God’s covenant has requirements on both him and me
    1. God knows the hearts of men
    2. Doing God’s will sometimes causes more pain temporarily
    1. God encourages
    2. God knows his people
    1. God offers repentance
    2. God can kill if it is his will
    1. God is always in control
    2. Stubbornness and pride do not please the Lord
    3. God give many chances for repentance if I am willing to take them
    1. If God commands me to let go of something, it is best for me to do it
    2. If I refuse to obey God, he will have no choice but to punish me
    3. The Lord is the righteous one
    1. God punishes impenitence
    2. I have nothing with which I can compromise with God
    1. God will do whatever it takes to show his glory
    1. My actions have consequences
    2. God makes his will known
    1. The Lord favors me
    1. The Holy Spirit is my pillar of cloud during the day and pillar of fire at night
    2. The Lord himself will fight for me
    3. God provides me escape from evil
    1. All praise belongs to God
    2. The Lord is the ultimate medicine man
    1. God wants me to have rest
    1. God is in command
    2. The Lord is my banner
    1. The power of the Lord is unimaginable
    2. I have been given wise counsel from God
    1. I am too sinful to see God without something interceding for me
    1. The law comes from God
    2. Take pride in the Lord, not in my own works
    1. Everyone has rights before the Lord
    2. God loves my life
    1. God is justice
    2. God cares for me
    1. Justice is the law of God
    2. Remember God whenever there is something to be thankful
    3. Compromising leads to sin
    1. Salvation is from God
    1. The Lord is with me wherever I go
    2. God gives atonement for sin
    3. God wants me to be holy, but he also wants the things around me to be kept holy also
    1. The Lord cares about what is holy
    1. It takes sacrifice to go to the Lord
    2. Sacrifice leads to great rewards
    3. God is always present in his house
    1. God will provide
    2. God wants me to remember who I am and what I represent
    3. Whenever I come before the Lord I need to remember what I represent
    4. I need something to cover my sins when I approach the Lord
    1. The Lord is God
    1. God knows how to keep the holy, holy
    2. Give to the church
    3. God gives laws to protect me
    4. God makes me holy
    5. Some things are reserved for God, not for me
    1. God offers me opportunities to make his name great if I will accept them

i.            God has made a covenant with my ancestors and I must follow the terms to remain part of that covenant

    1. The Lord is the only god and will not be made into an idol
    2. God forgives, but he must punish sin
    1. The Lord cannot stand rebellion and sin
    2. The Lord is too great for me to be able to handle
    1. God makes permanent changes
    1. The Sabbath belongs to the Lord
    2. The Lord asks that I give back to him from the gifts he has given me
    1. God will equip me with what I need to do his work
    1. God is the divine inspiration
    2. God provides what I need to be able to worship him
    1. Not following God’s commands exactly is sin
    2. God gifted me with special talents
    1. With the atonement of my sin, I am made holy before the Lord
    1. God is my guide


    1. I need atonement for my sins
    1. Give thanks to the Lord
    1. All the fat belongs to God
    1. If I sin without realizing that I have sinned, I am still guilty
    1. When I realize my sins, I need to come before the Lord and ask for forgiveness
    2. The Lord wants me to know the weight of my sins
    1. Jesus Christ is my blood sacrifice
    2. God’s commands always have a reason
    3. The Lord’s portion comes first
    4. The Lord is holy
    1. The Lord’s offering must be kept holy
    2. The Lord doesn’t need to explain his commands, but I do need to obey them
    1. The Lord cannot be in the presence of unrighteousness
    1. The presence of the Lord inspires praise
    1. Disobeying God’s instructions is sin
    2. The Law is given to distinguish the holy and the common
    1. I must be holy because God is holy
    1. God is not a pagan fertility God
    1. I must separate myself from sin so I can be holy before the Lord
    2. I must separate myself from the unclean
    1. The Lord heals me both physically and spiritually
    2. Sin is like a disease that I need to avoid at all costs
    1. God gives me commands to keep me healthy and holy
    1. Jesus took my sins, never to return them
    1. The Life of a body is in its blood
    1. If I follow the laws of God, I will find life through them
    1. I need to be holy because the Lord is holy
    1. God set me apart from all other people to be his
    1. Jesus is the great High priest
    1. The Lord rescued me so that he could be my God
    1. My worship is directed to and only for God
    1. The Lord provides for his servants
    2. The Lord is justice
    1. The Lord is my source of rest
    2. I am a steward of the Lord
    3. I belong to the Lord
    1. If I obey, God will protect me
    2. God must punish disobedience
    1. Things set apart for the Lord are holy


    1. God has a job for me
    1. God has a place for me
    1. God has appointed me to do his work
    2. God wants to protect me
    3. Someone needs to pay the price of my life to satisfy God
    1. God made provisions so that I would not die
    2. The Lord will give me direction as I do his work
    1. There needs to be trust in all my relationships
    1. I must keep any promises that I make to the Lord
    1. God is the atonement
    1. It is an offering to be dedicated to the service of the Lord
    1. The Lord is provision
    1. God gives me signs of what he wants me to do
    2. I need to follow the Lord’s commands exactly
    1. Never complain that God’s blessings aren’t good enough
    2. With the Spirit, I will do miraculous things
    1. Don’t doubt the word of the Lord
    1. Put my trust in the Lord
    1. My sin has consequences
    2. Without God, I would be destroyed
    1. I deserved death because of my sin
    1. I need intercession to be spared from the Lord’s wrath
    1. God chooses his people
    1. The Lord is my portion
    1. Jesus is the water of purification
    1. Not following God’s directions exactly is sin
    2. The easiest path is not always what God plans for my life
    1. Faith heals me from sin
    2. The Lord is with his people
    1. My faith and obedience to the Lord should be unwavering
    2. Pride blinds me from the glory of God
    1. I cannot curse what the Lord has blessed
    2. God is not a man, so he does not lie
    1. No matter of wealth is worth more than the will of God
    2. God can use anyone
    1. The Lord gives me commands to protect me
    1. God is true to His word
    1. Even in death, God will bless me
    1. Worshiping a holy God requires a lot of sacrifice
    1. Maintaining a relationship with God requires work on my part
    1. A vow to the Lord is sacred
    1. What I desire to keep most instead of God, is likely the root of my sin
    1. I should let nothing deter me from keeping my word
    1. I must destroy all signs of sin or it will harass me my entire life
    1. God’s gifts are greater than I could ever ask or hope for
    1. God is my city of refuge
    1. All my inheritance comes from the Lord


    1. Don’t be afraid. Don’t be discouraged
    1. Even while punishing me, God still loves me
    1. I should encourage my brothers to take the gifts God gives them
    1. If I search for the Lord my God with all my heart and soul, I will find Him
    1. Fear and obey the Lord
    1. Love the Lord your God
    1. I should not let any wickedness into my presence, so it cannot consume me
    1. Always remember that God is the source of everything I have
    1. My blessings from God are not because I am so good that I deserve them
    2. I constantly rebel against God, and am saved only because of his grace
    1. The Lord is a God of Grace
    2. Fear and cling to the Lord alone
    1. Show love to the Lord your God by walking in his ways and holding tightly to him
    1. God has chosen the place where sacrifices, including his Great sacrifice, are to be made
    1. God takes the worship of himself very seriously
    1. God’s rules are not arbitrary
    2. God provides for those who cannot provide for themselves
    1. When I give generously, God gives generously
    1. I should celebrate the blessings that God has given me
    1. God is the high king
    1. Look only to God for my needs
    1. God is a God of justice
    1. I don’t have to fight for God, but if I will then God will go with me
    1. Everyone should have some dignity before God
    1. Love my neighbor
    2. Every sin has a consequence
    1. Complete any commitments I make to the Lord
    1. Love my Neighbor
    1. I am to respect others
    1. My greatest offering is to praise God
    2. Obey all the Lord’s commands
    1. Be quiet and listen
    2. I need to obey the commands of the Lord
    1. God rewards obedience
    2. The consequences of disobedience are extreme
    1. Disobedience leads to destruction
    2. Obedience leads to prosperity
    1. Love the Lord your God with all your heart and soul
    1. God will be with me. He will never leave me or abandon me
    2. The Lord will always be with me
    1. God’s wrath is strong
    1. God blesses those he loves
    1. Even though I sin, God still gives me blessings