So, if I did something last Thursday…and I’m doing it again this Thursday… it must mean I like it right? Well last Thursday I celebrated my birthday (it was actually on Friday though) at Bo James. When my Spaid suggested we go to Bo James to celebrate I didn’t realize that every Thursday is Karaoke Night…. But, this week is James’ birthday so, this week I like:

Bo James Karaoke

It was actually kind of fun last week. I’m not a country guy, but I did sing a song. I sang ‘I don’t wanna be’ by Gavin Degraw. It was REALLY bad. I haven’t seen any videos go up online, so I can only assume that no one was cruel enough to take any! Don’t expect a repeat performance.

I’m actually not much of a singing karaoke kind of guy, but I really enjoy watching it. It’s even my day off this week so I don’t have to take a vacation day to go! So, happy birthday James and happy early birthday Miranda.