I was feeling pretty sick last night and into this morning. I don’t like use medicine unless I absolutely have to — don’t ask where this came from, I really can’t think of why and I have no quorums when other people do use them for little things — so I have some weird ways to “feel better.” I don’t think most of my remedies actually do anything to cure me, but they certainly distract me. This week, I talk about one such cure — one I used last night in fact. This Thursday, I like…

Family Guy

The comedy of Family Guy can take a little getting used to. They took the idea of the Simpsons, a dysfunctional cartoon family living life, and put it to strong pop culture humor. I’m really surprised that given the generally high conservative nature of Fox Broadcasting that a strongly liberal show could do as well as Family Guy has done. Family Guy is on it’s 10th season, part of animation domination, has a successful spin-off, has inspired half a dozen similar shows, and made millions of dollars recreating the Star Wars series with more movies still to make.

Things like family guy do not magically make me feel healthy again, but it is hilarious and is very good at exposing inconsistency of political figures and agendas. In order to understand Family Guy, you have to be up to date with what’s going on in the world. Family Guy takes so many stories, characters, and plots straight from the news and social networking. They also work very hard to include obscure jokes to entice people who are into classics and news that occurred long before their average audience member was born — a little something for everyone.

If you like poop jokes…got it. If you like political humor… got it. If you like religious humor… got it. If you like epic stories… got it. If you like family values…they kind of have it. If you want to look at family guy with moral lessons, it really is possible; certainly family is more important to the Griffins than anything else, they always come back together in the end.

Every so often family guy does a long running episode series and they are always my favorite. The Stewie and Brian episodes are the best. Stewie is the baby and Brian is the dog. They have done everything from going to a world drawn by Disney to getting locked in a bank vault to taking on Hitler in nazi Germany to going to the North Pole. They are a perfect match for each other and the episodes the pair go off on adventure highlight it.