To answer the question on everyone’s mind, yes, I am enjoying my vacation. But, that’s not what I like this Thursday. In a sense, I had to pay for my vacation: I worked several days of overtime and traded in the extra money for extra time off… so I kind of paid over $100 per day off…but it was worth it. However, this week I like the things I don’t have to pay for. This week I like


The first thing to talk about is the featured image. Not only do you get a great view of my chiseled-in-progress chest, but you can also see the most recent free thing I’ve been given. My roommate, James, gave me this sweater last night and told me it should be the thing I like this Thursday… I don’t think he actually believed it would be, but a different recent free thing made me consider doing it too. If I remember correctly, this sweater was either his brother’s or brother’s friend’s sweater that somehow got given to him. But James is a tiny bit taller than me, and this sweater was a tiny bit smaller than he.. so now it’s mine! Today is a cool, but not miserable day, so it’s been the perfect opportunity to test it out — and it’s great. Thanks!

On Sunday, I made a big decision. Before connection group, I had to go to McDonald’s for dinner. I started going to my normal one, but there wasn’t a lot of time to eat and make it in time to find out if Nedna was happening (Simpsons reference). There was a closer McDonald’s and finally I caved in, pulled a u-turn, and went to the logical, albeit not preferred McDonald’s. When I arrived they messed up “big time.” They made me pay for someone else’s meal by accident, but because it’s drive-thru (one of those double drive-thru’s actually) no one really pays attention to the receipt. Well, I ended being charged  $12 more than I should have been. To make up the favor, I swear I didn’t ask for it, the manager gave me my meal for free…. Score 1 for Mickey Dee’s.

Something I really enjoy, but somehow I missed yesterday, is free pie Wednesday’s at the village inn. I’ve gotten it several dozen times, and I promise you it’s for real… Want pie and icream? buy a scoop of ice cream and get your pie for free. Or you could get coffee with your pie…you’ve paid $1 for pie and ice cream. It’s AWESOME… not to mention the Village Inn is the greatest place on earth anyway.


That line signifies where I took a break for lunch. Every Thursday a group of people who have known each other through different ministries get together for lunch at Burge. I had a feeling that if I didn’t publish this blog before lunch started I would get something for free and didn’t know how to rectify it… the line is such. At lunch, Fern gave me a sugar cookie with sprinkles that she baked and Jessica gave me a piece of gum after lunch. Aren’t they nice 🙂

All in all, I like free stuff.