Most of my readers (at least the ones I’ve been able to identify over the last 9 months) know that I have been getting really sick over the last 4 months. I work overnight, and so when I get off work it magically becomes cheaper to go to the hospital…so on 3 occasions in these months, after work I’ve gone because of excruciating pain and many other symptoms that I’m sure you don’t really know about. The doctors cannot explain what is wrong me; the last one even said nothing is “medically” wrong me… I disagree. Doctors have ruled out several cancers, several bacterial infections, several diseases. They’ve done numerous tests and every one has come back normal, and yet this stuff continues. Well, this weekend the Salt Company is doing their annual fall retreat and I decided to just make a Sabbath of it and take an 8-day vacation to test out 1 of many theories for why I keep getting sick (WebMD and other online sources have become my best friends, giving me many ideas for what I can try and see if it makes me feel better)… so I’ve been trying them. So far none has been a huge help, though some have shown positive signs so I keep going with them.

I live with 4 other guys at the Pretzel Palace, so I don’t want to be the bum that doesn’t do anything for a week, so I’ve decided that during my vacation I’m going to work on some of the projects I’ve been thinking about doing since I’ve moved in.

Last week we had a situation that came up involving food that was trying to kill us. We believe it to be some chicken that has been sitting in our refrigerator that expired at the beginning of August. No one seems to know who it used to belong to, but once it released it’s toxic, decomposing fumes all over the place it became almost unbearable whenever someone would open the fridge. I drew the last straw 2 days ago when I pulled out my milk to drink right from the carton (yes, I know that can be considered impolite, but I’m the only one who touches it) and the plastic on the rim of the jug tasted like decomposing chicken. I realized that even the freezer reeked of rotten chicken. So, yesterday I took to the fridge. It took a scrubbing pad, full roll of toilet paper, 2 scented candles and a lot of gagging, but our fridge now smells wonderful and we magically have twice as much space in the fridge as we did before cleaning (I may have tossed a whole bunch of expired food that made it’s way to the back before being forgotten about.

For those of you who have had the privilege to stay at the Pretzel Palace overnight, or the creepy ones who have snuck in to take showers without us knowing, you know that we have a TERRIBLE bathtub. Since I’ve moved in I’ve had to take showers that ended with water up to my ankles. It’s seriously gross. Not anymore. Since I’ve moved in, I knew I was going to fix it, but our bathtub has a weird tub stop… Normally you would expect to see a screw on top of the drain or a cap that pops off to reveal one, but ours was like 1 piece that you can rotate forever and never get any looser and there wasn’t a screw to be found. Well, over the last week I’ve been examining the mechanics of our tub (the little dial that makes it so you can take a bath doesn’t work, so i knew something was fishy with it’s makeup). Finally I decided to make a go of it, and figured out how to remove our drain… I’m pretty sure I pulled out quite a bit of hair from someone who didn’t live here… and I finally know who at the Pretzel Palace is secretly balding… poor guy. I just finished taking my shower to clean up after morning’s work, and I can say there is no cloggage in my tub!

When I cleaned off the tools I used to get this job off I found that the bathroom sink was finally completely clogged too, but there was no visible debris under the stopper. I have to say, I was kind of worried about even attempting this one, because I looked at the pipes and they are metal in both bathrooms and plastic in the kitchen… so the bathroom pipes are probably 30+ years old and at some point the kitchen ones caused problems prompting them to be changed to PVC. So although I was 95% sure where the clog was (in the trap under the sink) I couldn’t take apart the pipe to get at it for fear of breaking the seals or the whole clamp from damage over the years…which I didn’t want to pay for a pipe. Long story short — a run to Lowe’s for a new “Sink and tub ONLY” plunger and some duct tape and now I have no more clogged pipes anywhere in the house… I was hoping I wouldn’t need to get a snake, and I guess I got lucky… It’s amazing what you can do with duct tape 😀

I still have a few more things I’d like to do in the next day or 2, but for now, it’s time to scratch “write a blog” from my list and keep listening to Spotify / find something to do