I’ve posted before from Mark Driscoll’s status, but I decided to do so again because he made another “controversial post.” Mark wrote a topic on his blog about an older pastor who has counseled him for years — Rick Warren — that created a bit of fighting among his followers.

For readers who don’t know, Rick Warren is the guy who wrote The Purpose Driven Life. Seems like a pretty good guy, right? Well, the problem that many have with him is his non-essential doctrines that he follows. Namely, Rick Warren is Arminian. I’ve written about it before, but the response to Mark’s blog is the thing I HATE about the Arminianism/Calvinism debate.

Despite, Mark (Who is a Calvinist) saying many times at his church, facebook page, and blog that Arminians (like Rick Warren) are still Christian and are not false teachers because neither are Calvinism or Arminianism is Canon… Canon is basically the stuff we all HAVE to believe.

It just irks me when people talk badly, especially to the point of calling someone a “wolf,” “false teacher,” “the anti-christ” etc… just because you believe 1 thing happens differently. The truth about the two camps of thought is that when you look at individual people they both reach the same conclusion about Salvation… they just believe the cause for it is slightly different… they’re different camps of the same team not enemies. Why does a school of thought that wasn’t even defined for the first 1500+ years of Christendom have to be such a device issue.

How come Mark’s followers (I don’t follow Rick, so I don’t know if his do the same thing) cannot just follow the example of their pastor… They both strongly hold opposing beliefs, but they can still work together and be friends. So I beg, just get along, ok?