I think everyone knows that I have a long history with Mountain Dew… my drug of choice for the early part of my life. This week I’m writing about the one possible contender for new drug of choice. This Thursday, I like:


Sun Drop!!

I know, I know… it’s obscure; it’s independent; it’s vintage; “it has the speed of a cheetah combined with the power of an elephant” … it’s hipster.

I was first introduced to Sun Drop this summer, and it has quickly invaded my life. The first friend I had that drank Sun Drop started in early May or so and since then, everyone I know has switched to this form of pop. Sun drop tastes like a combination of Mountain Dew, Mellow Yellow, and Sprite. So, what makes Sun Drop different than Mountain Dew?

The biggest difference between the two is that Sun Drop has 8mg more caffeine per serving than Mountain Dew. Sun drop also has a little bit sweeter of a taste.

While I haven’t given up on Mountain Dew, lately I have been drinking Sun Drop more frequently. Like I said, Sun Drop is a little obscure, so you might have trouble finding it.. if your store sells it, it would be with the Doctor Pepper and Snapple products. You should definitely give it a try.