Before I begin this blog, I have to make a confession…. I “maliciously” defamed Lydia, Kent’s fiancee, by writing a libelous statement about her last Things I like Thursday. I said that she didn’t know the difference between gnomes and trolls. This is completely untrue, and I am sorry, and she is super awesome. And because she’s so awesome she isn’t going to sue my for my tortious behavior. Thanks.

You would never believe it if you see what I’ve owned in the past, but I swear it’s true… This week, I like:


I want to show you my current “bed”

Yes, that is the exact bed that I sleep on. Scary, huh? It’s a steel futon frame with the original mattress; 5 years old. There’s a dent in the middle of the frame, so I always sleep at angle. my sheets don’t fit the bed and clearly, my blankets don’t match.

Previous to this bed, my last one that I used for 2 whole years was actually a mattress and boxspring that were twice as old me… in fact, they were my dad’s as a kid. I could feel half a dozen springs from the mattress regardless of where I lay down.

The others beds I have owned in any recent memory (as far back as I know for sure) have all either been hand-me-downs or belonged to a dormitory. Never anything real nice, never anything real new.

So, it makes no sense that I’d say that I like beds, right? Well, today I made my first real purchase since starting my new job… a bed! I’m super excited for it to arrive, but I have to wait for Saturday for it to arrive. It’s coming just in time. Like I said in my last post, I have to work 79 hours next week, so this bed is coming just in time. I can’t wait!