Next week is going to be a really long week for me. It’s move in week at the University, and that means there are a lot of overtime hours at the police station. There are 618 man hours of overtime next week. I got assigned to 39 of those hours, which makes for a very long week.

It seems really weird to be working move-ins for school, but not be going to school itself. Just think, in two weeks school will start without me for the first time in 17 years! But, this summer I’ve been considering other options. Pretty much everyone knows that I want to work in law enforcement; so why go farther in education?

The simple reason is that it is nearly impossible to raise past the rank of lieutenant today without having a master’s degree. It’s not that I don’t like my job now; it’s pretty easy and a good way to keep in good favor with a police department and has given me great references for a transfer if I decide to continue on this route. But, public security isn’t were my ambitions lay. So here are the options I’ve been considering. Firstly, I’ve been considering going to Kaplan for a master’s in either criminology, homeland security, or fire and emergency service. I probably wouldn’t choose criminology, because the subject isn’t as exciting as it seems. It’s really just the study of a bunch of dead white guys — I took two courses in college, and really didn’t enjoy them very much. Both homeland security and emergency services sounds pretty cool though.

The other idea that I am toying with is going to law school. I’ve never been much of a person for competition in education, but there are way more job options for lawyers than there are for people with security backgrounds. I’ve been considering all sorts of careers lately, so I’m trying to remain open… and let’s face it, I kinda like law. The one thing though, is I’ll almost certainly have to take the LSAT in December in order to start next fall. I’m kind of nervous though, because my overall GPA wasn’t very good. I am glad that my final semester GPA was really good, but I don’t know that it will be enough to help me. I’m quite a bit below the average for accepted applicants. The average LSAT score for acceptance at Iowa is 161. Since the max score is 180, that doesn’t give me a whole lot of room to do “quite a bit” better than the average. However, everyone says that law schools don’t really care about undergraduate GPA because it’s so unreliable and non-standardized.

Anyone got any opinions?