I’m finally willing to say I’ve moved into my new home. I’ve been living at the Pretzel Palace for a week today, but I I’ve just now gotten to the point of being mostly unpacked. I’ve turned in the key to my old place and set up my garden gnomes. Just a couple more days until I pay rent and there will be no doubt that this is my home. It may be weird, but since I still haven’t paid anything to live here, I still feel kind of like a guest. It’s the same way with new jobs: I feel like a volunteer until I get my first paycheck.

Right now there are 7 people who are coming and going in a 3 bedroom townhouse, so it’s pretty crowded. I moved in before the guys who were subleasing for the summer moved out and the two guys that left for the summer are back in the area. One of the things I’m most grateful for is the hospitality of the guys I’ve moved in with.

They’ve been super awesome, because this is already a small house, and it’s packed with so many peoples’ stuff here, but they’ve found room for all my stuff.. pretty prime location for stuff too. The only thing I haven’t found room for here is 16 really big glasses, that I’ve just decided to store for a while or as long as I live here. There’s absolutely no problem with that, because the easiest way to keep your dishes clean is to not have any more than you need (then you can’t put off cleaning them). It’s pretty awesome. They have very little cupboard space, but they gave some of it up so that I can have some. They have very little bathroom space, but they gave some up so I can keep stuff in there. Lance moved out of his and James’ room into Kent’s so I could have that space. Kent gave up half of his room for Lance to make room for me. James gave up part of his cave/work area so I could have a place for my desk.

The guys at the Pretzel Palace know all my closest guarded secrets; my silly little habits and addictions, the things that make me feel hard to love, and the thoughts that I just don’t like to say out loud, but they’ve been so good to me and show me God’s love every time I see them. So, I can’t wait to see what the next year is going to look like as part of the Pretzel Palace family!