I’ve been having trouble coming up with things to blog about for the past couple months, so I decided to start my very first series. Hopefully I can remember to maintain it, but I’m calling it Things I Like Thursday… It’s pretty simple: every Thursday I will make a short blog of something that I like.

Today’s Edition of Things I like: Basset Hounds!

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Basset’s aren’t actually my favorite of all breeds of dogs, but they certainly one of the best. I love big, floppy dogs, and there is no dog that quite compares to the basset in this regard.

Bassets were bred to hunt; particularly small game. This means they are bred to be extra loyal, obedient, and smart. Their skin is so floppy because it made it harder for the animals they chased into dens to claw at vital organs such as their eyes and throat. Bassets are small and cylindrical so they can get into tiny dens and wriggle their way through. While all these things mean nothing for the kind of basset that I want: spoiled, lazy, round; they certainly do add to the allure.

I’ve set up a cute little slideshow above of basset hounds. Hopefully after watching through it you’ll agree that basset hounds are the cutest, and you’ll want to get one so I can come over and play with it all the time.