First off, let me apologize for my terrible blogging habits lately. I can’t believe a let more than half a month go by between updates. I have still not been adjusting to an overnight schedule, so pretty much all I do during the day is try to get sleep, keeping me from doing pretty much anything else. Sorry.

It occurred to me a few moments ago that I have never talked about garden gnomes in my blog! This is crazy, because I titled my blog after them and I share my home with close to 20 of the guys. So today, you will read my most recent garden gnome experience… PS: this is kinda short and doesn’t finish well, but it’s true.

I got my first garden gnome from my now former roommate (he just got married 2.5 weeks ago) as a house warming present when we moved in together sophomore year. Since then we amassed quite the collection (5 within the past 6 months!). When Tim moved out, my apartment was missing something important: an entertainment system — all of it belonged to Tim. So, while we waited to decide the specifics of how we would reorganize the living room, my other roommate Dan and I set out my tiny book case and covered it with garden gnomes and turned the futon so the gnomes became the focal point of the room.

Dan and I were leaving one afternoon to run some errands. Just as we were leaving, our landlord brought a couple people in to see our apartment. I wish I could have seen the looks on their faces. It looked like we had built a shrine to the garden gnomes. I’m fairly confident they won’t want to move into a place with people who worship lawn ornaments 🙂