Remember a couple weeks ago I talked about a dream I had? Here’s a reminder! I talked to several people, and everyone could tell me the first part of the dream — it’s pretty straight forward.

There is an idol that has taken me away from what I am supposed to be doing, and I’ve been so focused on destroying that idol that destroying the idol has become an idol in and of itself.

From there, everyone got stuck… as many people as I talked to, none of them could tell me what the meaning of the rest of the dream is.

Finally, I talked to a guy that I was nervous about talking to. He is pretty well known within Salt as a prophet, and several more people have decided that they are prophets too under under his guidance. The whole thing sounds fishy to me. I’m not sure how much I believe in things like prophesy, but I was looking for someone to interpret dreams — so who am I judge? I recounted my dream to him and this is his thoughts.

Beyond the fact that I’ve been captured by the enemy because of this idol, the story doesn’t end there. He told me that the man from my dreams is a real person. He is not like the jailer (Satan). He’s dressed nicely, he’s friendly, he makes sure I’m okay. It’s like he’s my personal salvation — but he is still an agent of my enemy. What this prophet told me was that this guy is going to come along side me and tell me that he’s going to help me through this. He’s going to say and do all the right things and he’s going to try to make me trust him and follow him. He is, as scripture says, a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

He’s going to put me on a train. The prophet said this reminded of the trains that moved Jews during WW2. They were told they were going to be deported or taken to safety, but death was at the other end of the train. He said that’s exactly where the man is going to try to take me. As we’re on the train I see all these doctors, all these people who heal people, and the prophet told me that’s what I need; someone to heal me. He said that if I follow that man, I will realize what he’s doing too late. I can’t just get off the train to reach the doctors.

At the end of the train ride, when I reach the place of death, the man went one direction, but I walked the other. This means that he will lead me to the brink of death, but at the point I’ll stop obeying. But by then it’s too late. In the dream my teeth fall out as soon as I start to walk the other day. This means that it’s too late. The guy said that teeth are your ability to talk in dreams. They mean authority. So, in following this man, I will be silenced. I will have no place to stand; and only then will I search for the doctor who can heal me.

…Not the most pleasant dream I’ve ever had. The dream was not so much a prophesy, I hope, as it was a warning. The guy and I talked for quite a while after he interpreted my dream. We talked about the idol and how powerful of an impact it’s had on my life — so much that wanting it gone distracts me from God. What it is isn’t important for my readers, but this guy was more concerned about how I will react to the interpretation. He told me that I already don’t trust people; which is pretty true, but I have a bad habit of choosing to trust the wrong people.

After the fact, I am surprised that I was not able to interpret the dream myself. It’s happened to me before, coincidentally as I started college. I used to talk with a pastor in Texas who promised to help me defeat an idol. He said all the right things and I very quickly trusted him with a lot of very personal information. At the last possible moment he made the one mistake that let me see him for who he was and get away. I guess this means that I’m not as mature in my faith as I thought I was. I wasn’t able to recognize history repeating itself, and maybe this dream was a trial run so that I would figure it out sooner when it starts to play out in the future. Maybe.