I have always had a few quirks when it comes to dreams. Things like lucid dreaming and hypnopompic sleep paralysis have always been fairly common for me. Every once in a while I spend an entire night going between these stages of waking and dreaming (I really don’t feel like I am entering a sleep phase prior to the start of the dream) where I wake up every 10-15 minutes for a few seconds and then fall back into the dream. On those nights, I continue the same dream all night or most of the night and can remember the whole thing fairly well in the morning.

I’ve never known whether there was anything to these dreams or if it was just another quirk, but I really pay attention to the nights that I have this kind of dream, because it feels like there is meaning to it. I’ll refer back to two men from the Bible, Joseph and Daniel, who understood the importance of dreams and interpreted them. So, I don’t think it is outrageous to believe there might be something to them. Normally, something will happen the next day that will trigger an explanation to my dream.

Last Thursday, I experienced another one of this kind of dreams. I woke up the first time from the dream around 1am Friday morning and the dream continued until I finally woke up for the day at about 7:20. I was going to be driving to Vieshea, a festival at Iowa State, with my future roommate, Kent, Friday evening, so I figured I would get the answer to the dream while I was there, but it didn’t happen. Finally, on Sunday Kent and I talked about it for a little while during our drive back and he offered a possible interpretation, but I decided to put it out there and ask what my readers think it might mean — especially if one of my readers happens to have the gift of interpreting dreams.

A war was going on and I was fighting in it. At one point during the war, I sneaked away from where the real fight was and made my way to what looked like it could be the downtown of a city, but there were only a few buildings, not the entire city. In front of one of the buildings was a statue of a person (I couldn’t put together a picture of the person’s face and don’t recall ever seeing them or being told who the person was during the dream, but I remember ‘knowing’ who the person was in the dream). With the gunfight still audible in the background, I began to shoot the statue.

Sometime during my 1-man battle, I got captured by who I assume to be my enemy, but they weren’t wearing war clothes, just regular nice dress clothes. They locked me in a jail.  I remember having several conversations for different people when I was in my jail cell, but the only one I can remember any part of is a guy asking basic information: Who am I? Where am I from? that kind of stuff…

I was real cooperative with the people, though I didn’t know who exactly they were. After what seems like it was days the same guy asking for my information moved me from the jail cell to a different kind of jail cell. It seemed more like a bedroom than a jail cell. I had a bed and books and a dresser in there. However the walls and bed and my clothes were all white, but a guard stood in my doorway the whole time I was there. That guy and I had several other conversations for sometime. He introduced me to other people and I could see 2 other rooms similar to mine that had people in it. Nobody ever told me what was going on, but I don’t recall feeling nervous talking to the people or being honest about who I was and that I was shooting the statue. After meeting several people, I was free to move around, but that guard followed me everywhere and most of the time that same guy was there too.

Eventually, the same guy moved me from that room down to what looked like a very clean subway. We got on a train and rode it for a while. Looking outside the train car’s window I could see us passing these other windows that were placed kind of how you would see billboards outside the train car as it passes by. Inside the windows, I could see all sorts of medical rooms with doctors and patients in them. So, there were doctor’s offices, emergency rooms, dentists, etc. all with people moving around, seemingly unaware of the subway right outside their window.

After a while, the subway car came to a stop and the guy and I got off the train. The guy turned to the right and started to talk to someone who must have been waiting for us. I turned to the left (back towards the way we came from) and took a few steps off the car (I don’t feel like it was a trying to escape kind of thing, I just casually started walking the opposite direction). Suddenly I felt an extreme pain in my mouth and my throat. I started coughing, and as I coughed I felt all but 4 or 5 of my teeth fall into my hand along with a whole lot of blood.

When I woke up, the teeth that I could still feel in my mouth during the dream were clenched real tight together (almost painfully) in a position slightly off from my normal bite so only those teeth were making contact with each other. 

So I heard one interpretation that Kent and I came up with together, but I didn’t feel like our answer was confident. Normally when I have these dreams, I understand the meaning very clearly within a day of the dream, but it’s been nearly a week and I still don’t have one that I believe completely explains the dream. So, I know that normally I don’t mind if my readers respond or not, but I’d really like to hear your guys’ thoughts either in a comment, email, facebook message, or just telling me for this one. Also, I love talking about dream and sleep stuff in general, so if anyone has any weird sleep/dream quirks, I’d love to hear them!