This year I’ve made it a goal to memorize the Sermon on the Mount. There is a short story explaining why I’ve come to this decision. Last year I read the entire Bible in chronological order. I started November 1st 2009 and completed it December 31st 2010. It was the second time I’ve read the whole Bible. The only other time was during my freshman and sophomore years in high school. Upon finishing it I thought about what I wanted to do this year and one of the ideas was to memorize the Sermon on the Mount. I decided to do something else, but still had the idea in my head.

I went skiing with several people involved with The Salt Company January 10th and one of the pastors, Jeff Thune, asked what the New Year’s resolutions were for the guys  in the car. Off the cuff I said I wanted to memorize the Sermon on the Mount, but since I had a different plan going on it wasn’t a wholehearted thing, just an answer to a question because it was the first thing I thought of.

As part of the Bible plan I decided to do, yesterday I read the Sermon on the Mount and was God reminded me about my “New Year’s Resolution,” so I decided to follow through. I am dedicating this year to studying and memorizing the Sermon on the mount. I checked online and found out I am not the only person who decided to study this sermon, the most famous sermon of all time. I’m including the link to it in the Blogroll because it helped me figure out how I want to go about accomplishing my goal.

There are a couple things I should probably say now about accomplishing the goal. Here is the timeline I hope to follow: Chapter 5 memorized by May 30, Chapter 6 memorized by August 31, Chapter 7 memorized by November 31st, the completed sermon memorized by December 25 (Christmas). I want to read the sermon in as many translations as I can find. I want to hear as many people as I can read the sermon to me. I want to read sermons and books about this sermon and spend the year really thinking about what each part of what Jesus is saying. I’ll keep anyone (or maybe just myself for later reference) up to date with what I’ve been reading/ listening too and my thoughts about/what I learn. I’ve never been much for blogging — I’ve tried a couple times and usually quit after a month or less. If anyone does actually follow this, keep my accountable to all these things! If anyone has any suggestions for me, I’d really like to hear them.

I will be honest, I’m a little nervous about how well I will do. This is my final semester of college, so I am pretty busy and I do not have any set plans for what I will be doing at the end. Last year I did not stick to my plan as well as I would have liked, hence it taking 2 extra months to finish (meaning there was at least 2 months worth of days in there I didn’t make any progress — it was actually probably closer to 5 months!). I’m really hoping to be better committed with this goal, and maybe blogging/letting people know will encourage me to stick to it.